This is What Happens If You Drink One Gallon Of Water Every Day For A Month!

October 28, 2020
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The human body consists of 60% water so it’s no wonder water is essential for our survival. We all know that we need to drink plenty of water in order to achieve the perfect balance in our organism and keep things running smoothly. Doctors recommend drinking 8 glasses of water a day but we rarely drink this amount, as much as we try. But could you imagine drinking a gallon of water every day for a month? One journalist from the “Thrillist” portal was curious to see the consequences of drinking a gallon of water a day. So he decided to conduct a little experiment. Even though he knew that his body would undergo drastic changes he never expected these results. This is his story!

Day 1

The first day was full of energy and enthusiasm. He went to the store and bought a gallon bottle of water which he started carrying around with him at all times. He knew that it wouldn’t be easy but he was determined to endure the challenge until the end.

Day 5 (Urinating every 20 minutes)

We all know that our body needs plenty of water on a daily basis but 1 gallon of water is too much, and it’s no wonder that he started noticing the changes after just 5 days. He started eating less and urinating more, going to the bathroom every 20 minutes at first. Even though people started looking at him weird and confuse he decided to stick to his experiment all the way through.

Day 10 (I became….beautiful)

By day 10 he started noticing the positive changes, especially in the morning. Since he was previously feeling groggy in the morning before drinking his large cup of coffee, you can imagine his surprise when he didn’t feel the need for coffee anymore. He was feeling energized and lively and, even started noticing changes in his appearance. In addition, he was looking more attractive, or at least he felt that way. Thirdly, he carried his bottle of water everywhere he went, regardless of the weird looks he got from time to time.

Day 15 (Full of energy)

Right in the middle of his experiment, he felt that his need for coffee is completely eliminated. He also felt more energized than ever before. Eliminating coffee was a huge change for him since he used to drink as much as three cups a day. He also felt that his strength and stamina were increased, he could run longer and faster. His sleeping improved as well, and his body was getting used to the changes. He even felt thirsty if he hadn’t drunk water for a while.

Day 20 (People tell me I look happier)

His body underwent a lot of changes during this period but what didn’t change was the need for urination, since the start of the experiment until the 20th day it was the same. But his urine became clearer and he noticed that his complexion improved. He felt much happier, full of energy, and positive about life. He no longer felt weird carrying the bottle of water everywhere and drinking a gallon of water a day became totally normal.

Day 30 (Free and clean)

I conclusion, he couldn’t believe that he endured for 30 days. He felt thirsty all the time and went to the toilet every 20 minutes, like an old man. But he felt happy and energized. He went through a challenging month and even though drinking a gallon every day is too much, he will drink plenty of water from now on, having felt the tremendous benefits it brings.




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