UPGRADE: School Flashers in Johns Creek

March 15, 2019
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City of Johns Creek new Public Works Director Lynette Baker made upgrading all the School Flashers in Johns Creek a priority in her first Budget. She replaced Tom Black last year and has been busy playing catch up, on various important duties.

30 AC School Flashers, 4 Solar Powered Flashers (still waiting on Power Company) & 10 Static Signs. They have been installed outside the entrances of all public schools and 4 private schools in Johns Creek. 
School Flashers in Johns Creek

Total Cost so far is shy of $150K, not including our outsourced Public Works budgeted cost & remaining 4 signs to connect.

Mrs. Baker has been very responsive to the concerns of the residents. It certainly helps, she is a resident herself and it is evident she has a vested interest in improving the quality of life in Johns Creek. Her recent accomplishment was opening the 3rd lane southbound on Medlock Bridge Rd. For years, that concept fell on deaf ears and she was able to facilitate it in a few months. She has also hired a traffic analyst, who has been studying the traffic light signalization and synchronization. Improvements have been notice with the lights as well.

School Flashers in Johns Creek GA

Here is invoice breakdown:

Siemens $ 28,278.01

Temple $35,770.54 + $1850 + $80,542.14

Sawnee $195

Southern Lighting $6200

Total=$ 147257.69

Source: City of Johns Creek

                                    <img src="" title="Static School Sign &#8211; Johns Creek Post" alt="Static School Sign - Johns Creek Post" />                                         <figcaption>Static Sign </figcaption>


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