Wanted! New Mayor: for Ethical, Competent, Citizen-Centric Leadership

July 20, 2017

Wanted! New Mayor: for Ethical, Competent, Citizen-Centric Leadership

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5 comments on “Wanted! New Mayor: for Ethical, Competent, Citizen-Centric Leadership”

  1. Change is good...otherwise we are in the same old, same old pattern. And boy,are we in the same old, same old pattern here in Johns that is leaving us Johns Creekers ticked off.

    Since we don't have term limits in place, we need to elect a new that puts its citizens first.
    I said this last election and I will say it again. "Don;t be Sheeple, vote for A NEW MAYOR".

    1. The success or lack of success for Johns Creek should not lie in any elected official but should rely upon the City's Charter, which should reflect the objectives of the community.

      How many times have we seen our Charter interpreted on behalf of the wishes of the elected officials at the expense of the residents of Johns Creek?

      Do we really want a City that reflects the wishes and desires of the elected officials over the desires of the community?

      I know that I do not.

  2. Awesome! If we want an ethical, competent and citizen-centric leadership we MUST have a new mayor.
    I nominate Ernest Moosa. He is all of that!

  3. The City of Johns Creek should reflect our vision as residents. It should not be the vision of any one person or group. When we voted to incorporate, we were really not trying to build a city, but rather to protect this community and our quality of life. That clarity of vision at our founding has gotten lost. We must preserve the traditional residential character that we have enjoyed in the past or we will lose what is great about Johns Creek in the future.

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