Washington State Town Defies Lockdown - Hosts Freedom Rally

December 4, 2020
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Mossyrock, Washington is the first city to pass an ordinance opening up their city. Mayor Randall Sasser drafted an ordinance, that officials passed last month that allows restaurants to reopen for indoor dining. Sasser said one-size-fits-all restrictions aren’t right, and COVID-19 cases should be broken down by ZIP code.  In addition, the Governor mandates should mirror outbreaks. 

Mossyrock is a small town between Mt Ranier and Mt St Helens. 

Little data to support the decision to keep businesses closed

“Why put them in jeopardy of losing everything and making Mossyrock a ghost town? That’s not right if there’s no cases or data that support that decision,” said Mossyrock Mayor Randall Sasser. 

Chehalis, WA Restaurant refuses to Shutdown

Elsewhere in Washington, other businesses and patrons are tired of the draconian mandates from Gov Inslee. According to Patriot Prayer, Patriots standing guard at Spiffy's Restaurant: 110 US-12, Chehalis, WA Governor Inslee is personally trying to get them to shut down using the Washington State Patrol since the Lewis County Sheriff will not help Inslee. 

Spiffys washington patriots guarding

Mossyrock Freedom Rally

Finally, Mossyrock residents are calling for patriots to come and support Mossyrock businesses, December 12th at 12 pm.

Mossyrock Freedom Rally



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