Waterstone Assisted Living Proposes to Fill City Future Need

February 6, 2015
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Waterstone Assisted Living! At Thursday's Community Zoning Info Meeting, Mr. Simmons the applicant and business owner presented his proposal for an Assisted Living Facility "Waterstone" to be located on 141/Medlock Bridge Rd and Parsons Rd.

112 Beds with 26 for Memory Care will comprise the complex with 3 internal Outdoor Courtyards for the Residents. Plenty of recreational activities and trips will be provided daily along with a shuttle bus. 91 Parking spaces for staff and visitors.


He plans to hire 80 people and utilize Emory Johns Creek for Doctor and Hospital services. The all-inclusive cost for this 'high quality facility' will be about $3000 - $5000+ month. He does not intend to accept Medicare/Medicaid, only long term care insurance, cash & check.

Mr. Simmons forecasts a great need for his facility as baby boomers are aging and many seek to move their elderly parents closer to Johns Creek.

Minimal traffic and zero impact on school enrollment were also discussed as benefits to this development.

Mr. Simmons has not provided renderings of the architecture and how the facility will look from the street. He stated that he wanted the project approved and then would work on that next step within the City's guidelines and that the buildings would be pitched roof and he would be inclined to have a facade of brick and stone.

Planning Commission Hearing is scheduled for 4/14/15 7 pm at City Hall, 12000 Findley Rd.

It is not yet known when the City Council Hearing & vote is scheduled. JCP will update as this information becomes available.




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