Are We Watching The End Of The Conspiracy Theory?

March 25, 2023
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Many things once labelled “Conspiracy Theory” are now being rediscovered as potentially true.   How did the concept of “Conspiracy Theories” begin and it is ending?

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The words “Conspiracy Theory” have been used for decades to label ideas not consistent with the way events have been reported to the populace.  

Looking back now, many notice that while they might have differed from media reports, these “conspiracy theories” often fit within the known FACTS surrounding an event.

One 1960’s example of something labelled as Conspiracy Theory were the observations and ideas proposing alternative explanations about John F. Kennedy’s assassination. As soon as observations came out disputing the report of the Warren Commission they were labelled Conspiracy Theory.   

Those debates have raged for 60 years – yet the one thing that didn’t change was the label the media placed on the concept of disputing the media version of the truth: “Conspiracy Theories.” Lance deHaven-Smith wrote in his book "Conspiracy Theory in America" that following publication of the Warren Report in 1964, the New York Times used the term five times in various stories.

Ob December 15, just over four months ago, Tucker Carlson on FOX shocked viewers with reports of a source claiming to confirm that the United States CIA had been involved in the assassination of JFK – a “theory” which had been first voiced very shortly after the assassination itself.......

Why does media consistently drop back to the “Conspiracy Theory” label when they spot dissenting opinions of events?     Are the media working to learn and report truth or is there another dynamic, and if so how long have we been under its “spell?”

Investigators claimed for years that there was something unusual about reports from the “Main Stream Media” (CBS, CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, et al.)   When TV was live and video recorders didn’t exist it was difficult to examine this, but being able to record and show segments of hundreds of reports broadcast across the U.S. and in some cases around the world something emerges.......WATCH

Welcome to the “Mockingbird Media,”   reporters saying the same things (down to actual exact phrases) on different, often competing stations and networks, all across the Country.   This immediately poses two questions:   

HOW could they know what to say?    

WHY would they say these things?       

Those who have studied the Mockingbird “project” say that at various times in the past prior to other forms of electronic communication, there likely was a regular “conference call” perhaps daily a times, to disseminate the phrases, scripts and positions on various topics.   Some call it "the 4'oclock call" referring to an early morning call to set the communication for the hours and days to come.

These would then be disseminated down through the various network systems and stations ultimately getting baked into scripts for use by actual on-air reporters.  

WHY would they have done these things?     For decades people in the U.S. and elsewhere have come to rely on television news for their updates on everything from weather to politics.  Their “world view” came from all the things they viewed through “tell-a-vision.”

A past mockingbird dynamic no longer in use you say?    In our next installment we'll show the "mockingbird" patttern in recent examples......VERY recent.

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Willie Akin

This is some great reporting and some shocking video. Thanks for the hard work that went into editing this up.

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