BREAKING: GA GOP Says No Georgia Republicans Are Members of Chairman Shafer's Organization

December 16, 2021
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On Tuesday, a stunning piece of correspondence was released from the Georgia Republican Party, Inc. by Chairman Shafer's team through his appointed attorney, Vincent Russo, and Executive Director, Brandon Moye. Russo stated the following -- "The Georgia GOP does not have members."

Republicans are in shock.

The pronouncement was a GA GOP executive response to requests for appeal process information from party members across the state, who allege the GA GOP continues to act improperly in preventing certain conservatives from engaging the party apparatus. Since the 2020 election fraud, countless attempts, respective of Georgia Republican Party State Rules, have been made to retake and restore the Grand Old Party representation for the people of Georgia.

Contrary to this executive response, membership status is woven into nearly every paragraph of the State Rules for the Georgia Republican Party, Inc. signed by David Shafer on June 17, 2020 and Rule 1.1 clearly explains who 'shall be members.' The definitive claim that no person involved in the Georgia Republican Party is a member, and therefore has no membership rights, wields the crushing notion that party executives have the ability to withhold party resources from them at will. And, they are.

For example, those 'members' in formal appeal of what they see as harmful party actions are not able to have a member list of those individuals serving on the publicly 'elected' committees who have the ability to hear and decide their appeal. This effectively establishes a secret voting society within the party, and 'members' are threatened as 'privacy violators' for having information on them. A member list should logically consist of the functional information provided to the organization by the members through convention process, not redacted reports slashed by executives.

To Republicans throughout the state, the statement pronouncing the total illegitimacy of those 'elected' within the GA GOP systems reverberates contempt. State Rules outline multiple types of members in several categories of coveted and necessary 'elected' roles. Tens of thousands of Republicans have worked tirelessly to earn these positions and learn their role since Feb 10, 2014 when the current organization was incorporated and certified by then Secretary of State Brian P. Kemp. To fathom that Chairman Shafer and his team do not honor membership status whatsoever, is the ultimate disrespect. This news from Russo seems to be directly against the Republican Party's interest of promoting organizationally 'credentialed' and 'elected' Republicans throughout the state of Georgia. Furthermore, it would appear that the integrity and accompanying purpose of this registered domestic non-profit corporation (control number 14013271) is a complete and total sham.







Russo goes on to write that what the State Executives provide to 'never members' is simply "courtesy" and that the requirement of remission of records and reports to members outlined in Georgia Non-Profit Code Title 14 does not apply to the Georgia Republican Party, Inc. Members are presumably entitled to absolutely NOTHING except the opportunity to participate in what may be deduced as more organized 'marketing games' as a follow-on to the prolific mail and phone petitions for donations.

What seems to be occurring is that the Georgia Republican Party, Inc structures and markets itself as a formal membership non-profit corporation by means of its Rules and Conventions, but then capriciously claims that it is a non-member nonprofit corporation to suppress certain issues and individuals. An extremely sticky point in its governing State Rules is Rule 1.1, which states: "All chairmen and members of committees, delegates to conventions and voters in precinct caucuses, provided for in these Rules, SHALL BE MEMBERS OF THE GRP and must be electors of the respective units which they represent as chairmen, members, delegates, or voters in precinct caucuses." An outside observer with minimal education can see this as duplicitous activity projected towards Georgia citizens, and it astonishingly applies to nearly 174 GOP subunits in the state of Georgia, which operate beneath the Rules of the Georgia Republican Party, Inc.

Russo specifically referenced the GRP Articles of Incorporation filed with the Georgia Secretary of State (2014) that say 'The Corporation will not have members.' His point indicates the GA GOP legal stance that its formation document trumps its State Rules and Bylaws. Therefore, logically, what Georgia Republican voters read and obediently attempt to abide by in the State Rules is, in reality, completely duplicitous pageantry. The 'Rules' committees now seem to simply be party peasant 'control committees' that can extend the arbitrary action of the party, when expeditious to the State Chairman. The State Rules are, in function, a 'show script' to control voters that can be adjusted at any time.

Georgia non-profit legislation requires that Rules be written consistently to align with formation documents to protect citizens who may become involved. According to attorney Vince Russo's statement obliterating any idea of membership, we can presume that GRP Rules may be false marketing of a membership status that does not exist to Georgia citizens. In this way, the organization may be liable for harm to Georgia citizens. The personal work investments of many citizens in this organization has been massive. Money is also involved in many of the party activities. Usury without rights is a legitimate area of concern.

Additionally, as 'never members,' the peasant Republicans throughout Georgia's 159 counties have no right to insist that any Rule or Bylaw be followed, because they have absolutely no status. In matters of appeals and problematic party leaders, the remedy, again, lies in mostly arbitrary and capricious accountability. Members appear to have been treated with disrespect and even in disregard of State Rules and governances. To understand this, one need look no further than to the the convention season appeals of Fulton, Chatham, and Newton counties.

Moreover, to say there is no epicenter of legitimate control authority in the GRP, Inc. is incorrect. All status, duty, and liability is reserved for the Board of Directors laid out in the corporation formation documents. The State Rules identify the State Committee as filling the role of the original Board of Directors. The State Committee, then, has the main duty, responsibility, power, and authority to conduct the affairs of the GRP (SR 3.1) and amend Bylaws (SR 11.1). It now appears these individuals have gained their coveted positions by a vote of completely illegitimate 'never members.' By basic, rules-based organizational procedures, representative elections can't happen with 'never-members' and 'never members' cannot have voting rights. However, Chairman Shafer and the other Executives wittingly or unwittingly participate in and merchandise this 'never member' organization to the citizens of Georgia in open utilization of the 'show script' of the State Rules in order to gain their acclaimed seats.

The GA GOP Emperor 'has no clothes.'

The question is which courtiers and townspeople will keep up the false pretenses when they realize it.

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7 comments on “BREAKING: GA GOP Says No Georgia Republicans Are Members of Chairman Shafer's Organization”

  1. By not having any members, Georgia Democratic Party members have just as much standing in the Georgia Republican Party as Republicans and in fact, the Georgia Republican Party is a sham organization, since it’s not even an organization without members.
    It seems to be another scam set up to funnel money to Chairman Shafer, and by his definition, a proceeds go to the Chairman.
    They can’t even field candidates, since by definition, there are no members of the Georgia Republican Party.
    This appears to be a legal ploy to keep Herschel Walker off the Georgia senatorial elections ballot.

  2. I‘m totally confused. The comment that Democrats have as much standing as we Republicans in this GRP if indeed there are no members is maybe not all that nonsensical. And maybe that’s what explains entities like Landmark Communications.
    Meanwhile, why bother believing you’re a member of such entities, save yourself a lot of time and money, and just show up on Election Day and pray your vote is counted?

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