Cobb County Board Of Commissioners Under Scrutiny Over Decision To Redraw Their Own District Lines

January 25, 2023
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Attorney for the Secretary of States Office calls it "…an unauthorized exercise of authority….. that does not comply with Georgia Law or the Georgia Constitution…..”

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As expected, last night's meeting of the Cobb County Commissioners was held in front of a standing room only audience of citizens and in an air of some tension.

Two weeks ago, The Chairwoman asked two of the commissioners to leave the dais when they elected to abstain from voting.  

Much of the contention involves the Commission's choice to use of “Home Rule” to redraw the County’s district boundaries.  Georgia law prescribes that redistricting changes be decided upon by the Georgia General Assembly and signed by the Governor.  This change enacted by the Cobb County Commission allowed Jerica Richardson to retain her commission seat.

Subsequent to the Commission's use of “Home Rule”, it was informed by Attorneys from the Georgia Legislature and Secretary of State’s Office that the County had likely erred in using “Home Rule” in amending their district boundaries.  Secretary of State Attorney, Ryan Germany, said in a letter that the Cobb County Commission’s action was very likely “…an unauthorized exercise of authority….. that does not comply with Georgia Law or the Georgia Constitution…..”

Last evening a number of Cobb residents spoke on both sides of the issue with many citing Georgia Constitution and Georgia law:  

The meeting concluded with Chairwoman Cupid taking bows for 2022 accomplishments including completing the 2023 budget.  A budget of $1.4B which maintains the previous millage rate despite significantly increasing assessments.  A decision which will cost Cobb County residents millions this year.

Most expect that the Redistricting / Home Rule question will result in a court case to decide the matter in the coming months.   

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