Cobb County GOP Warns Of Massive Problems With Early Voting, As Georgia Fails To Fix Election Integrity

May 6, 2022
Biden DOJ Coordinated Legal Assault On Georgia Election Integrity Law With Liberal Groups

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The Chairman of the Cobb County, GA GOP warned this week of massive problems with early voting, confirming fears the Peach State has failed to fix election integrity issues.

With the current GOP leadership in Governor Kemp, AG Carr, and SoS Raffensperger, the election fraud game is on in the great state of Georgia.

Citizens must demand better.

You care read the press release below.

May 5, 2022 4:00 PM
Marietta, Georgia

Election Integrity

Cobb County Republican Party

Unfortunately, the 2022 Primary Advance Voting began with multiple issues at polling
locations throughout Cobb County. Since the polls opened on Monday, May 2, 2022, problems
have included poll pad voter data being missing and incorrect information on certain ballots;
some ballots excluded a State Representative race and some ballots excluded the Cityhood
referendums. Since our vote is anonymous, once a ballot is cast there is no way to rectify an

Today we were faced with the same issues being reported, in addition the early voting
check-in system (ENet), crashed. The MyVoterPage contains inaccurate or missing information
for some voters. The problems do not appear to be isolated, however we have not yet
determined the number of affected voters or the number of incorrect ballots.

We are calling for immediate support from the state and county officials – this chaos
cannot continue. The Cobb County Republican Party takes election integrity seriously, and we
are committed to the proposition that every eligible voter should be permitted to vote, every
legal vote should be counted accurately, and every ballot issued should be prepared correctly –
if we can get lottery tickets right, we should be able to process ballots.

As the representative of the Cobb Republican Party, we are elevating our level of
concern. The Cobb Board of Elections has suggested an election challenge (after the election)
as a possible remedy, but we believe that the office of the Secretary of State and the Cobb
Board of Elections exist to prevent these matters from having to appeal to the courts for every
minor problem – but the minor problems may be indicative of a systemic failure.

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Therefore, considering the above issues it is our position that emergency balloting
provisions should be used as per Georgia Law - with audits implemented as per Georgia Law.
This would entail hand marked paper ballots so that the poll workers can verify the ballot being
issued to the voter is accurate and has all appropriate content. Further the voter can easily
verify, PRIOR to marking or casting their ballot - that all information is correct and any
inconsistencies can be addressed immediately with poll officials.

We will act as needed to protect the rights of voters from this systemic failure. We have
put our Election Integrity legal team and the State GOP on alert that Cobb County GOP will do
all within our power to make sure that every legal vote is counted.

We also recommend that every voter check his or her voter information at and print a sample ballot to ensure they have correct information. We
urge you to take it to the polling place with you to check the accuracy of the ballot issued to
you. Any issues should be reported immediately to the Secretary of State, Cobb County
Elections, and the GOP Election Integrity Hotline.

If anyone has experienced issues, we recommend that the issue be documented and
submitted as follows:

SOS Voter Fraud Complaint
Secretary of State [email protected]
GOP Election Integrity Hotline: 404-738-8393
Salleigh Grubbs
For more information on the Election Integrity issues please contact Salleigh Grubbs
(770) 773-5223
[email protected]




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It's really astounding that we just accept this now. If the DemComs can openly steal elections why bother holding them?


Not just Cobb County, there will be few places that will be ready for the ballot box corruption in 2022. I told my wife in early 2020 that the Pubs, in spite of multiple months warning, would still not be ready on election day. Tell me what good voting for a Pub does?


Here we go again. If there's any way a Lie-beral Demonocrat can cheat, they will. The vast majority of Republicans are RINOs, so they are useless. We have now a morphed Uniparty. That's right....what's the use in voting? Did anybody ever do anything about the Dominion (as in, Dominate) voting machines?! Hell no; we were supposed to forget about that. ("You still talking about thaaaat" ?!)

Mad Celt

Come hell or high water Tank Abrams must be elected this time.


Really? You're the prime example of IQ requirements to vote🤡

Hagar the Barbarian

If caught with election fraud, immediate death penalty. It will stop then. No mercy.

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