Fulton County, GA GOP Holds Shocking Fundraiser For Democrat Atlanta Mayoral Candidate

October 10, 2021
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Atlanta city council president Felicia Moore
Image by Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta

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The Georgia Record/CDMedia has written extensively about the debacle during the earlier Fulton County, GA GOP convention and beyond where the GOP Establishment teamed up with GA State GOP officials to literally steal leadership elections from the populist movemet in the jurisdiction, via an 'electronic vote'.

Now we have more evidence of GA GOP subterfuge.

Below is a flyer for a fundraiser for Felicia Moore, a long-time Atlanta Democrat. Notice those sponsoring the event. Trey Kelly is the head of the Fulton County GOP. Peter Korman is an active member of the Dekalb County GOP.

Apparently this is considered a 'non-partisn' election and this is used by the Fulton County GOP leadership as an excuse to move more Leftist candidates into the GA political power structure.

We wrote about this 'non-partisan election' issue when we reported on the main GA GOP political consulting firm Landmark Communications running Leftists in Johns Creek, GA (North Atlanta) city goverment elections.

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One comment on “Fulton County, GA GOP Holds Shocking Fundraiser For Democrat Atlanta Mayoral Candidate”

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