GA Senator Burt Jones Calls For Investigation Of SoS Raffensperger

July 15, 2021
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REVEALED: Did Dirty Brad Raffensperger Have His Gang Illegally Open Ballot Boxes — Tamper With And Fold Ballots Previously Identified As Pristine?

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GA State Senator Burt Jones is calling for an investigation by the government oversight committee of SoS Brad Raffensperger.

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One comment on “GA Senator Burt Jones Calls For Investigation Of SoS Raffensperger”

  1. What can anyone say , the whole election was dirty and had been planned for at least 3 years , all that nonsense that the Dems got going in their media about postal ballots was the signal for them to print millions of the ballots and have them distributed to every state that was controlled by their Party or at least one that was maybe easy to change with a few thousand votes , and all in readiness for the 2020 election .

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