Georgia Grassroots Push To Stop Certification Of May 24 Primary Over Election Fraud Concerns

May 27, 2022

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The Georgia Deplorables are angry. They feel something is very wrong about the May 24th primary results, which saw an incumbent sweep, except for the Lt Gov position, won by Burt Jones (The incumbent Jeff Duncan was not running).

Organized calls to stop certification of the primary election are growing louder.

It seems the Secretary of State race won by Brad Raffensperger is especially troubling to many.

"Brad Raffensperger purchased another unverifiable voting system against the will of the people and our VoterGA recommendations. The U.S. District Court declared it violates two Georgia statutes and he appealed the decision so he can keep using it. He then conducts an unverifiable primary election and declares himself the winner. Afterwards, his office gives counties false information claiming that ballots are not subject to Open Records disclosure to keep counties from making the ballots public," declared Garland Favorito of

The Georgia Record will have Favorito on the Georgia 2022 Show at 2pm EST this Sunday, to discuss the results. CDMedia Big Data Pollster Ricahrd Baris will be there as well to give his perspective.

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