Judge Attacks 'True The Vote' To Force Reveal Of Whistleblower Identity

October 28, 2022
Dekalb County GOP Formally Requests Withdrawal Of Konnech Election Contract

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Yesterday, Judge Kenneth Hoyt of the US District Court – Southern District of Texas, held that  Gregg Phillips and Catherine Englebrecht in contempt of court for failing to produce information on witnesses and researchers who have worked to uncover information on Konnech – a Michigan-based Election software company.      

Konnech’s CEO, Eugene Yu was arrested in early October 4th on suspicion of stealing Poll Worker private information and having his company store the information on 1.8 Million poll workers, their finances, children, SS#, poll locations, and poll location schematics, on servers residing on the UNICOM internet backbone in Communist China. 

Following a meeting held by True the Vote in mid-August, independent researchers began working to uncover and correlate information regarding Konnech, it’s founders Eugene Yu and Lionel Ni and the numerous connections to Chinese websites, companies, organizations and CCP initiatives. 

As information continued to emerge, Konnech sued True the Vote on September 12, 2022 claiming they were making false accusations about Konnech for their own gain and that True the Vote had stolen data from the company. 

22 days later, the Los Angeles District Attorney, following Grand Jury proceedings,  issued an arrest warrant for Eugene Yu alleging many of the same potential crimes surfaced by the researchers in August and September. 

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The Judge's action in Houston yesterday begs the question why would it be necessary to demand a list of all witnesses in a proceeding where separate independent authorities have found cause to file criminal charges.    If in fact information has been stolen by Eugene Yu and Konnech and if that information is resident in China, by Chinese law the information is now owned by China.    If in some way this act caused interference with or undermined public confidence in United States elections it would seem to, in addition to violating a number of US laws, have a bearing on Executive Order 13848 which protects specifically against interference by a foreign power. 

The public should keep a sharp eye on the next steps in this case. Gregg Phillips and Catherine Englebrecht are due back in the court room Monday 9:00 a.m. for the continuation of the hearing.  Judge Hoyt has threatened to have Marshalls prepared to take them into custody if they fail to comply with the Judge’s demand.     Why would the Court demand this list of witnesses as so critically important when the Lost Angeles District Attorney’s Arrest Complaint for Eugene Yu already details many of the same concerns about Konnech and Eugene Yu? 


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5 comments on “Judge Attacks 'True The Vote' To Force Reveal Of Whistleblower Identity”

  1. My guess is that the judge has communist/"democratic socialism" leanings and so he's VERY MAD at True the Vote - that they got this CCP controlled voting machine company nailed for it's activities. But here's a question - HOW WAS A CCP CHINESE CONTROLLED COMPANY ALLOWED ANYWHERE NEAR OUR ELECTIONS? And I don't trust the L.A. DA. This article doesn't mention this company getting involved with L.A. elections so all I can think of is that the L.A. DA wants to take this on so he can bury it and hide it away!

  2. Judge Kenneth Hoyt needs to make clear, the relevance a list of witnesses and researchers will have on his ability to determine Konnechs guilt or innocence. As best I can tell, if the information can be verified to be accurate, it shouldn’t matter where the fuk it came from. This Judge probably needs to be investigated. It looks to me like he’s assisting in gathering the subjects of a hitmans “to do”list.