KESHEL: Pretty Obvious Raffensperger Is A Trojan Horse Political Arsonist Sent To Destroy Georgia’s Elections

December 14, 2022

"A little bird told us Raffensperger is pushing for RCV because the courts are about to hold that GA voting machines are unconstitutional..."

KESHEL: Pretty Obvious Raffensperger Is A Trojan Horse Political Arsonist Sent To Destroy Georgia’s Elections.

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We've been calling out GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger's nefarious behavior regarding Georgia elections at The Georgia Record for several years now.

Captain Seth Keshel is right by declaring -- "Pretty obvious Raffensperger is a Trojan Horse Political Arsonist sent to destroy Georgia’s elections." -- on his Telegram channel yesterday.

We have detailed in-depth Raffenspergers attempts to destroy the chance for Georgians to have a verifiable ballot.

We have detailed interesting connections Raffensperger has to individuals with connections to the Chinese Communist Party. We have also conducted open records requests with these connections and the results came back 90% redacted, raising serious questions.

We have reported how it looks that Raffensperger's 2022 primary election was fraudulent (and Kemp's for that matter).

We have reported on how Raffensperger wants to illegally put the GA voter registration system in the cloud for possible electronic manipulation.

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We have reported on Raffensperger's strange behavior regarding Dominion election machines in 2019.

We've reported on Raffensperger enabling a corrupt GA general election in 2020 and the consequent runoff.

We've reported on Raffensperger's attempts to make it look like he is actually fighting election fraud in GA.

We've provided extensive research on the corruption in GA elections under Brad Raffensperger, detailing his nefarious behavior.

Now Raffensperger wants 'rank choice voting' in Georgia, so America First candidates can be frozen out of ever winning again, like what just happened in Alaska.

A little bird told us Raffensperger is pushing for RCV because the courts are about to hold that GA voting machines are unconstitutional as they don't provide a verifiable ballot, something that was decided in the 'Curling vs Raffensperger' case but relief was never provided to GA citizens.

If the GA legislators vote to allow this, they need to be recalled.

The Georgia Record will be contacting every GA legislator to get comment on the issue and posting their comments publicly over the next few weeks.

Yes, Raffensperger is a corrupt plant to harm the great state of Georgia.

He is not a Republican, he is a collaborator.


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Debra Fowler

This is not a process that Georgians want. I have already contacted my representatives to voice my objections to rank choice voting. I encourage everyone else to do the same.

[…] Remember Brad Raffensberger, the “Republican” secretary of state in Georgia who was so uninterested in investigating Democrat vote fraud in 2020? Now he’s promoting the same scheme that’s helping Democrats sweep elections in mostly GOP Alaska, as the Georgia Record reports: […]


I always felt that Raffensberger was responsible for the debacle that was suppose to be a legal Presidential election in Georgia. The fraud continues in the Senate election. Trump had it right about this guy.

Madam DeFarge

Payoffs are pretty much sex, money, or power. Guess we will see which he went for. Or he could be a CD (closet demturd), in which case he may be a groomer.


Raffensperger is pivoting just like he did off Diebold to get us a non-verifiable paper. Totally political, except he is about to illegally certify ANOTHER ELECTION. To go to RCF is just the next step in the path to DILUTE our vote less than a 1.0 elector choice, thereby disenfranchising every elector AGAIN.


At one time Raffensperger worked for an organization in Atlanta, that taught democrats how to run for office as republicans in Red States.



Todd. it could not have been said any better. Thank you for all your hard and continuous work. Raffencrooksperger is a low life scum bag. I know there is enough evidence to put him in jail for a long time. Where are the fed.s or the GBI.

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