LIVE BLOG REPORTING - The MTG Hearing Today In Atlanta, GA

April 22, 2022
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The Georgia Record will be 'live blogging' from the courtoom of the MTG hearing today - the Left's attempt to remove her from the November ballot for her alleged role in the January 'insurrection' at the nation's capitol, where the FBI reportedly had a major role instigating. In other words - the Fedsurrection.


1100 - Today's coverage ended. Hearings will continue. We will report more as we receive

1020 - Arguing Supreme Court defines what is and is not incitement, says MTG quotes are protected

1007 - MTG quote the people will remember the patriots who stood for election integrity and congress is last line of defense for fraudulent election is being used as evidence she participated in insurrection and attorney says it’s free speech

0952 - MTG lawyer says voters have a right to vote for MTG

MTG lawyer says Plantiff wants Rafensburger to strike her from ballot

Evidence violates 1st amendment according to MTG attorney

Our democracy is at stake he says

He says no legal evidence this is just rhetorical  

21-2-5 is law he is citing - In mtg defense

Take office qualification is the issue

MTG lawyer arguing this should be handled by congress not courts

Calling an orange an apple does not make it an apple leading into technical arguments about insurrection statute

0950 - MTG attorney is arguing Plantiff is not citing law

0945 - Planttiffs opening statement MTG Engaged in insurrection and is talking about our civil war and other insurrections

Plantiff is talking about plans to execute speaker of house and insurrection plans to stop Biden taking office and talking about inferences tying Marjorie to plans

0937 - At this time judge is going over evidence submitted

0935 - MTG arrives

0925 - Plaintiff evidence

0920 - Matt Gaetz is present

0900 - MTG case up first

0800 - About 40 Marjorie Greene supporters in court at this time which is 45 minutes before proceeding. CNN, FOX five have a large presence.

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