LIVESTREAM REPLAY: The Georgia 2022 Show With Kevin Moncla, Richard Baris, Seth Keshel

August 6, 2022

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Hosts L Todd Wood and Christine Dolan dig into the May 24th GOP primary fraud with Richard Baris, Seth Keschel, and Kevin Moncla.


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4 comments on “LIVESTREAM REPLAY: The Georgia 2022 Show With Kevin Moncla, Richard Baris, Seth Keshel”

  1. A must watch ... All things Georgia and its Elections, I mean Selections. And Yes, "In God We Trust", as we can no longer trust those running these systems.

  2. Conclusion

    In this paper, we demonstrated an attack that defeats ballot image audits of the type performed in some jurisdictions. We presented an implementation using a real scanner, and evaluated our implementation against a set of real ballots and a set of systematically marked ballots from a variety of ballot styles.

    Our attack shows that image audits cannot be relied upon to verify that

    elections are free from computer-based interference.

    Indeed, the only currently known way to verify an election outcome is with

    direct examination of physical ballots.

  3. Yes, this the heart of the matter - the paper ballot is the legal record. Why are we doing any recount with a machine? Why bother to count with a machine when both parties have been suspicious of them for years?

    This paper is fantastic!!!