Obama-Appointed Judge Who Declared GA Voting Machines Illegal, And Is Keeping Halderman Report Under Seal, Allows Dems To Proceed In Lawsuit To Prevent MTG From Running

April 19, 2022
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Image by Gage Skidmore

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An Obama-appointed Federal judge is allowing a lawsuit to proceed in a Democrat politically-driven attempt to prevent GA Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene from running again in Georgia, calling her an 'insurrectionist' who tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of presidential power after the 2020 election.

Judge Amy Totenberg, in a 73-page ruling, denied Greene’s request for a preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order, reported WABE.

Totenberg, who was appointed to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia by President Barack Obama, wrote that Greene had failed to meet the “burden of persuasion” in her request for injunctive relief.

Georgia law says any voter who is eligible to vote for a candidate may challenge that candidate’s qualifications by filing a written complaint within two weeks after the deadline for qualifying. The secretary of state must then notify the candidate of the challenge and request a hearing before an administrative law judge. After holding a hearing, the administrative law judge presents findings to the secretary of state, who then must determine whether the candidate is qualified.

The legal win is procedural in nature and it remains to be seen if the legal argument will hold up in court.

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Christopher Savell

The FBI confirmed there was no Jan. 6 insurrection. This is a blatant waste of taxpayer money. TRILLIONS ALERT TRILLIONS ALERT...

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