Selective Enforcement Of Vaccine Requirement At Children's Health Care Of Atlanta Hurting Nursing Students

July 2, 2022
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The Georgia Record has been informed certain nursing students from the Georgia university system are required to complete clinical training at Children's Health Care of Atlanta. A controversy has arisen over CHOA's selective enforcement of Covid-19 vaccination mandates for these nursing students versus administration personnel and medical students.

Religious exemptions are being denied for nursing students who are required to take the vaccine to finish their degree with the clinical requirement at CHOA.

However, the Georgia Record is informed many administration officials and medical students at CHOA have received religious exemptions and are treating patients while being unvaccinated.

We contacted University of North Georgia for this article and received no response.

We also asked CHOA about this apparent hypocrisy, and why they are pushing the Covid vaccines when the gene serums do not prevent transmission, are not safe, nor effective. We also asked if CHOA was being paid by pharma or USG to push the vaccines.

We did receive a call from a CHOA representative requesting an email to be forwarded, but once the subject of our inquiry was known, communication ceased.

A representative of one of the UNG nursing students responded to CHOA by declaring, "This is beyond hypocritical because CHOA has many staff members that currently work with religious exemptions, as well as med students that have been granted RE’s. The “safety” rationale has no merit in light of the number of unvaccinated staff working with patients. Not to mention, the Covid jabs are unsafe, not effective, and protect no one."

In the episode of The Georgia 2022 Show video below, we talked with Emory University Tenured Professor John Petros about this issue at length.

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