Trump PAC Puts $500k Into Perdue Race Against Kemp

April 13, 2022
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Trump PAC Puts $500k Into Perdue Race Against Kemp

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Described as an 'initial infusion' into GA Gubernatorial Candidate David Perdue's campaign, the Trump Save America PAC has transferred $500k to the anti-Kemp Get Georgia Right super PAC.

The PAC has begun to run ads against sitting GA Governor Brian Kemp in the coming primary. The ad argued that “if Kemp can’t beat voter fraud, he won’t beat [Democratic candidate] Stacey Abrams” in the November general election.

“President Trump is committed to supporting his endorsed candidates across the nation, but we won’t be telegraphing our efforts to the media,” Trump spokesperson Taylor Budowich said in a statement, reported Politico.

“President Trump has demonstrated a strong interest in making sure the truth emerges about what happened in Georgia. He has also stated that the best way to solve this problem is electing people who acknowledge it and are committed to improving election integrity,” said Jessica Freese, a Get Georgia Right spokesperson.

CDMedia will be commissioning a CDM/Big Data Poll in the near future to guage the race, as most other polls are skewed by bias.

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