VoterGA Sues For Hand Recounts In All 159 Counties To Stop Brad Raffensperger From Stealing GOP Primary

June 23, 2022
VoterGA Holds Video Election Integrity Update June 4, 9:00am EST As Dominion Voting Machines Involved In Massive Voting Scandal In Dekalb County

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Garland Favorito releases ground-breaking news with VoterGA's ongoing fight to give Ga voters access to the physical ballots, for the purpose of auditing the accuracy of highly suspect, unverifiable ballot marking devices & machine tabulation on a, Federal Judge-ruled, illegal computerized voting system controlled by Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

The press conference and eventual replay can be seen below.

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7 comments on “VoterGA Sues For Hand Recounts In All 159 Counties To Stop Brad Raffensperger From Stealing GOP Primary”

  1. Robin Bullock prophesied everything was going to turn around. It is going to start with the smaller cities and end in Washington DC. HALLELUIAH!

  2. I support paper ballots and hand counts. No more machines. As a computer specialist changing database records is very simple and easy and any midgrade computer dba and/or developer can do this. It does not take a team of wizards. Combine that with other traditional fraud and not doing the simple things such as checking id's, having time limits and cameras, inspectors and observors from both parties and this is what you get.

    Truly it is the vote counters that matter and until we fix this we will get more fraud.

  3. Allegations by a fired one-term President, known for disregarding the rule of law and obstructing accountability in government, do not become true just because you want to believe them. Corruption and voter fraud do not change election results just because you don't like the results.
    It's past time to stop drinking the poisoned Kool-aid. People who cry "save your country from the infidels!" are shouting "Fire" in a crowded theater for their own benefit and bear false witness.

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