• 50 Townhouses on Abbotts Bridge Rd Approved

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    September 18, 2014
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    50 Townhouses on Abbotts Bridge50 Townhouses on Abbotts Bridge

    Landowner Charlie Roberts has been approved to build 50 Townhouses on Abbotts Bridge Rd, across from the Ocee Library.

    This Rezoning case was deferred during the August 18th City Council Hearing. The Applicant was not present for that hearing and thus unable to participate in the dialog for consideration of amendments to the application.

    Negotiations over the finer details ensued for 2 weeks ensuring the developer and local residents were satisfied. Finally, the buffer between the properties and facade of the buildings facing a main artery road of the city.

    Community Development Director, Justin Kirouac sent 2 arborists to evaluate the sparse vegetation bordering Abbott's Landing subdivision. A mixture of Cherry Laurel, Holly, Winterberry, or Wax Myrtle is to be planted. Plants must be at least five feet tall at the time of planting and to branch all the way to the ground. Also a single row of the evergreen screen to buffer the retention pond.

    Townhomes with elevations facing Abbotts Bridge Road are be constructed of primarily brick or stone. With minor accents such as dormers, gables and bay windows. Decks or patios adjacent to Abbotts Bridge Road shall be on-grade only. With no elevated decks or patios accessed from the second story. 

    A Multifamily (apartment) complex was proposed for the site, the prior year. It was denied by the previous City Council. Mr. Roberts filed a lawsuit against the City. This current rezoning of 50 Townhomes was the result of negotiations to settle the pending case.

    Additional Concerns

    In conclusion, City Council unanimously voted to approve this rezoning. Area residents described it as the best outcome possible for the neighboring subdivision. Residents did speak out about the concern over the City settling. And possibility of this leading to future settlements with developers who have been denied zoning cases.

    Source: City of Johns Creek



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