• 31 Billboard Locations Identified

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    October 12, 2014
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    31 Billboard Locations Identified on these FOIA documents. Three Billboard Companies: Action Outdoor, Granite State, KH Outdoor together filed 31 applications for Billboards on both sides of all the Main Intersections & Artery roads throughout the City. All the applications were subsequently approved through the Court System.

    Johns Creek Citizens are clearly very sought people to advertise too.

    There is currently a Billboard for rent in Johns Creek 20' x 60'.

    As a reference point, the Billboard on City Border at Old Milton & Kimball Bridge is 14' x 45'.

    That Billboard has bothered commuters and area residents who complain about the flickering lights all night long. It is listed as 60' in Height and can be seen from quite a distance away.

    According to the Mayor, more billboards to come and he is holding a Town Hall to discuss the issue and a possible settlement with the Billboard Companies to reduce the number of Billboards and other details.


    In conclusion, what are your thoughts on the 31 Billboard Locations Identified?


    Source: City of Johns Creek



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