• 105+ Townhomes & New Traffic Light on State Bridge Rd

    By Staff
    October 27, 2014

    In 2 separate Zoning cases on State Bridge Rd, add up to over 105 Townhouses, recently began construction.

    The first development next to State Bridge Elementary School, will replace 4 houses on 12 acres.

    About 58 Townhomes are to be built, and an additional Traffic Light will be installed on State Bridge Rd for the development. The light is to go between the signals at JCHS/SBE & Doublegate subdivision.




    The Second Rezoning is just down State Bridge Rd & Morton Rd. 49 Town houses are approved for the 6 acre lot.

    This location is across the street from a future Pocket Park the City is creating.




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    […] 105+ Townhomes & New Traffic Light on State Bridge Rd […]

    Judith Remiszewski

    TOO MANY PEOPLE HERE, Stop the building. Traffic is becoming unbearable.


    Yes this development and street light will surely impact the traffic on State Bridge Rd. Where there were 3 houses on large lots, will now be about 50 Townhomes.

    Lisa Black

    Traffic, traffic, traffic...enough!

    John Galt

    Contact your HOA and tell them to start attending City Council Meetings and voice your concerns about our #1 problem: Traffic!

    Contact the Johns Creek Community Association and tell them how you feel about the #1 problem we face: Traffic!


    Write your city council members and ask them to do something about traffic, and not make things worse!

    [email protected]

    If they do not hear from us, they will not do anything.


    A John - Unfortunately City Council is under the thumb of the Mayor. The council is comprised of "yes" men/woman. Rezoning approvals, clear cutting and high density developments, wasteful spending on moronic ideas like "The District" (at this time) , and yet another park study (the 5th if five years I think), along with adding additional gridlock resulting from their decisions will continue until the players change, and more importantly today > MORE JC citizens wake up and do as you intelligently suggest.

    karen christanell

    I am disgusted at the changes in our area. Traffic is a nightmare, unwanted billboards are going to make us look like Las Vegas, and building even more townhouses means even more people, which means MORE congestion. Residents in St. Ives and Medlock Bridge are held hostage every weekday morning. They can't get out because of the gridlock on 141. But building more townhouses is a good idea??!? Our elected officials are ruining Johns Creek.

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