• Paul Troop Running as Independent for State House Seat

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    November 24, 2014
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    Paul Troop Announces Candidacy

    "Voters should turn this special election into a referendum on the state's

    education budget cuts" said Paul Troop in announcing he's running on the January 6th ballot for the State House seat vacated by Lynne Riley.

    "The slight education budget increase next year is not enough.  Parents should demand the return to full funding for a full curriculum," he said.

    "I will fight to put the money back."

    He added, "If you heard the Republicans at the candidate forum at Johns Creek High School you know their highest priority is tax cuts for high earners.  Tax cuts are fine--- but not at the expense of children."

    This is his second bid for the seat, having lost in the last election.

    Mr. Troop joins four other candidates in the election.  In the race are three Republicans and a Libertarian.  Mr. Troop is running this time as an independent, although he was listed as a Democrat on the last ballot.

    "I had deep reservations about a number of positions taken by the party in the last election," he noted.  "For example, while I agreed in restoring full funding for HOPE scholarships, I opposed means-testing.  The scholarship should be granted to any qualifying student.  Effort and excellence should be rewarded."

    As an independent Mr. Troop pledged that he will not join either party caucus.

    "I will be free to vote for the consciences of my constituents and myself.  There will be times when I vote with the Republicans and times when I vote with the Democrats.

    But whatever way I vote, it will be for the best interests of the people of Johns Creek."

    Mr. Troop, a 16 year resident of Johns Creek and 44 year resident of Georgia, is a retired journalist and public relations executive.  "I came here as a business writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  I learned how the Georgia economy works-- how vital transportation is to job growth in this state.  That's why transportation will be another high priority of mine in the State House."

    He added, "There are other issues as well, notably taxes.  I know my opponents are supporting the so-called Fair Tax.  In any tax plan there are winners and losers.  When the voters discover that under the Fair Tax there will be far more losers than winners-- and counted in those losers will be upper-middle-class families like those here in Johns Creeks-- they will be angry at anyone who even suggests such an idea.   I want a full debate on the Fair Tax."

    For additional information:

    Paul M. Troop

    House District #50 Independent Candidate


    [email protected]




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