• Kelly Stewart: Why I am Running For GA House Representative

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    November 25, 2014
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    I have been more than proud to serve you as Mayor Pro Tem on the Johns Creek City Council and I’m excited about the opportunity to continue my service at the State Capitol to deliver the results to keep our community and state strong.

    That’s why I’m running.

    Having a title does not drive me. My passionate commitment to serve our families does.

    I have a record on the Johns Creek City Council of being a strong leader with an unwavering commitment to standing on principle.  I have proven that I can tackle complex challenges. I have been a solid fiscal conservative who has kept taxes low, fought to reduce traffic gridlock and led on issues to improve our quality of life.

    More importantly, I have stood up against the petty political fights on the Council. I have always shot straight with you and always put your interests ahead of all else.

    My experience on the Council, as a businesswoman, and as someone who has worked in local, state and federal government, has taught me how to solve complex challenges by working with others—not with politics.

    If you want a leader who will shoot straight with you and who is ready to hit the ground running to provide reliable, principled leadership to deliver results, I ask for your vote on January 6th.

    P.S. Being a Special Election, we only have about 6 weeks until Election Day and we'll need all the help we can get. Will you join my campaign and volunteer today?




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    I would like to know about the falsified resume Ms. Stewart submitted. According to the Ga Pundit, her resume was bs.

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