• Connecting the Dots: Brad Raffensperger & the Dosses

    By Staff
    January 21, 2015

    In researching the Dosses, a troubling document kept reappearing with Mrs. Doss. Her husband, Judge Oliver Harry Doss, was investigated by the State for several egregious charges, such as giving his wife and children government bought laptops, for personal use.

    Mr. Doss subsequently resigned from the Judgeship. The following links provide additional details.

    Fox 31 Report regarding Former Judge Doss charges of misconduct & resignation

    State Investigation Report by the Commission for Judicial Qualifications

    During my conversation, Mrs. Doss told me that a 'Brad' contacted her between Christmas and New Year wanting to discuss an election, and she was away on the high Seven Seas cruise and did not speak to him.

    This piqued my curiosity as to how they may be associated since her husband was a former elected official. A quick visit to the Ethics Commission website for Campaign expenditures verified a common link, Landmark Communications.

     Oliver Doss expenditure reports for Landmark Communication totaling $128k +

     Brad expenditure reports for Landmark Communications totaling $103k +

    The former Judge Harry Doss resigned less than 3 years after spending $100k to be elected.

    The former City Councilman Brad Raffensperger resigned after less than 3 years into his term and spent $70k on his 2011 election. He has currently spent over $30k on this current race.

    In my second phone call with Mrs. Doss, she stated that she has known the owner of Landmark Communications, Mark Rountree, for several years. She stated she follows him on Facebook and is well aware that Mark Rountree is managing Brad Raffensperger's campaign for State Rep against Kelly Stewart.

    Photo Source: Fannin Sentinel

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    What do you think of the Dosses and campaigns?



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    Now it makes sense. I couldn't figure out what possible interest some lawyer from Fannin County would have in putting out such an attacking "press statement" clearly intended to influence a Johns Creek, GA area election.. It just wasn't normal. I can't thank you enough for answering this burning question.

    Fred Greene

    I hope Rountree demanded payment from Raffensperger up front!


    Deferred payments are the last 3 line items on his recent campaign disclosure report. 1 for Landmark Communications, other for legal fees, and filing fees.


    That is very dirty of Brad's camp. Certainly not voting for him this time round.

    Voters of 3

    Again, a Fannin county attorney revealed Stewart's secrets, not Brad. Read and learn!

    John Galt

    Johns Creek supported two of the five candidates to such a degree in the first round of this election that there needed to be a runoff.

    We now see a campaign with nothing but disparaging attacks on both sides

    Now imagine the debates we would be having if Libertarian Christine Austin was facing off against either one of these two.

    We would be talking about the issues. Property rights, spending, taxation, and freedom in a real and tangible way.

    We had a choice Johns Creek, and we blew it.

    Next time, choose a candidate like Austin so we can have a real debate on the real issues, not just a debate over personal issues and resumes.

    The bottom line is that if there is a difference between these two candidates, who can say with certainty what it is.

    We could have done better, and we must going forward. Think before you vote.

    Voters of 3

    I only see negative remarks coming from the Stewart camp. Brad R. didn't disclose Stewart's dark secrets, a Fannin county attorney did.

    Wide Awake

    Do you live in John's Creek? You haven't seen Mr. Raffenspergers attacks? That's all his campaign has been doing all week is sending mail every day.

    I don't know that "revealing" has anything to do with it. It's clear that the he contacted this woman. And even if he didn't, what did she reveal? She literally has no proof except her word. The documents prove otherwise. She's obviously lying.

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    Voters of 3

    What bothers me is a Fannin lawyer could be on big trouble posting comments about Stewart. If they aren't true, then why would he/she jeopardize their legal status....Makes me think that where there is smoke, there IS fire. Stewart is hiding something in all those boxes she has.

    Wake Up

    Where there is smoke there is fire? Brad Raffensperger has been sued 12 times!!! 12!!! All for not paying his bills. And he's lost EVERY ONE. 22 legal judgements and tax liens. UNPAID! I'd take actual proof - documented and factual - over some woman's claims.


    I must agree with "Wide Awake" "John Galt". I do not live in John's Creek & tend to mind my own business, but, I have just recently started to become more involved in local politics & trying to make sense of the whole system & ironically enough....to connect the dots. I am from FC & have tried to figure out why the attorney that represents our board of commissioners & is compensated quite well to do her job, would even be concerned with this particular election. When you do a little more research and investigating, the voters of not only John' Creek, but the entire state of GA may want to be asking the same questions.......Ask around & you just might be shocked to find out who was a college roommate with our current Gov.....what district does the Speaker represent????? Sometimes I feel like Alice in Wonderland and things just get curiouser & curiouser all the time!!!


    Wake Up, not Wide Awake....


    Scratch that, it is Wide Awake that I am agreeing with.


    Voters of 3 I assume is same person hailing Raffensperger on other posts as Voters of 5? Voters of whatever number, here's the difference between Stewarts allegations against Raffensperger & his against her. Stewart is pointing out a fact. Raffensperger's business practices have led to lawsuits and judgements against him and unpaid taxes (resulting in liens). This is something I would hope every voter would be very concerned about. Anyone that seeks the truth, rather than having the need to blindly take a side, can easily search the Secretary of State websites for each state in the union and see for themselves how Raffensperger manages his "businesses". The Doss press release thing is the most transparent and ridiculous attempt at slimy politics in this entire affair. After the election is over, the Georgia Elections Commission, Secretary of State, and Attorney General
    offices need to be looking at Raffenspergers business records and acting accordingly. Nothing surprises me anymore after his role in the costly and embarrassing "investigationgate" ordeal.

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