• Tech Park files Lawsuit against City over Rezoning

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    January 25, 2015
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    In August 2104, JC Flex LLC (Tech Park Atlanta, TPA) petitioned to amend the Zoning Map to allow for a Subdivision of 53 Houses in the Tech Park Area.

    City Council denied the application 5-2 (Broadbent, Zaprowski, Gray, Davenport & Bodker) and Former Council Members Stewart & Raffensperger voting in favor of the subdivision.
    During the hearing, representatives stated they invested over $1.6 million to prepare the land (map SE 11-A, SE 11-B) for development & have extensively marketed it to No Avail.


    Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 7.11.22 AMResidential 'Creep' or subdivision encroaching into commercial areas was a concern for the council.


    TPA pointed out the 2 Subdivisions across the street, Brookhaven & Easthaven (purple on the map) and The Oaks Apartments nearby, but the majority of Council remained firm in sticking with the Land Use Plan.

    Another reason discussed was the land being viable for redevelopment with the upcoming 'District' Proposal.


    The City recently hired Urban Design Associates to design a commercial district & downtown. The area is approx 800 acres, and the largest Land Stakeholder is Tech Park Atlanta.


    A Hearing with the Judge is scheduled for Tues, January 27th.

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