• Steep Opposition for Proposed Jones Bridge Car Wash

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    February 5, 2015
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    Proposed Jones Bridge Car Wash faces steep opposition! Dozens of Citizens attended the Zoning Info Meeting expressing concern over the development & lack of communication about it.

    Mammoth Hand Car Wash is proposing the 3rd location on Jones Bridge Rd, near Old Alabama Rd.

    Jimmy Tester, the applicant, and business owner promise it to be an upscale car detail salon, charging between $20-$35. He expects to service about 60-65 cars a day. A large canopy attached to the building and the cars would be washed and cleaned there. Outdoor seating and music will also be provided.

    mammoth_carwashThe second half of the lot is already zoned for retail and is to be constructed 1-2 yrs after the car wash if approved.

    The applicant is requesting to reduce the number of parking spaces by 6, from 15-9, to utilize the area for outdoor cleaning. The retail section will have 17 parking spots. The current curb cut, entrance-exit will be the only one for the lot, with the existing traffic only able to make a right and go north.

    The applicant is also requesting a flat roof, to store the equipment.

    Outrage during the Community Meeting

    Many citizens expressed concern over the lack of communication. The 1/4 mile notice letters arrived in the mail on Saturday & Monday, just a few days ago. Several citizens had not received any letters and were told about the meeting from a neighbor who posted it on a bulletin board.

    The Attorney Lisa Shippel admitted to struggling to mail out all 300+ letters and was overwhelmed with the task.

    The meeting address on the letter was not correct, and people were driving all over, according to others who had found the clubhouse in the Thornhill subdivision. The letter also did not indicate the times or dates of the Planning Commission and City Council Hearing & Vote.

    Several Citizens were disappointed that a Public Notice Sign had not been installed on the property, informing the public of the information meeting dates, and public hearings. The Attorney insisted that she is following the City protocol which requires the sign to be installed later this month.

    Disappointment toward the City's procedure was criticized next. For these disenfranchised Citizens, visiting the City Website provided little information. The next meeting is listed under the 'Planning Commission' documents with the date 3/3/15 and no other details. Most attendees did not know what the Planning Commission was or did, where they meet or at what time.

    The City Council Hearing date is also absent from the City Website. It was eventually listed 2-3 days before the meeting date, buried on a webpage agenda link.

    The surrounding subdivisions do not belong to the JCCA and questioned why they have to pay a membership to receive information about the City's procedures, dates, and assistance with the case. Many felt the information should be coming directly from the City itself to adjacent residents.

    Traffic, fewer parking spaces and the change of zoning classification from C-1 to C-2 were the top concerns for adjacent neighbors. Another car wash is located directly across the street in the gas station, questioning the viability of this one.

    Parking for employees would be a challenge with 12 workers and 9 spots. Mr. Tester assured the crowd that most of his workers do not drive, but take a taxi to work, and have been his employees for many years.

    This did not ease the crowd, as it raised more questions about the quality of the car washing workers, such as if they are legally able to drive & work in Georgia, and if they are paid a salary to afford a car after working for so many years for the same company. Others wondered where the workers in taxis would be coming from as Taxis are not commonly observed in Johns Creek.

    With tempers getting heated over a range of issues, JCCA member & Auxiliary Police Officer Kirk Canaday told the crowd to settle down and speak one at a time. Negotiations did not progress and the meeting ended.

    A follow-up meeting is being scheduled for later this month.

    The Planning Commission is 3/3/15, 7 pm at City Hall, 12000 Findley Rd.

    It is not known if the City Council Hearing & vote is 3/16 or 3/30. JCP will update as this information becomes available.

    JCCA has reported the City Council Hearing & vote is 3/16, 7 pm at City Hall, 12000 Findley Rd.

    What are your thoughts on the Proposed Jones Bridge Car Wash?




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