• Zoning Task Force has Done Little to Improve Informing the Public

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    February 9, 2015
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    Zoning Task Force has Done Little to Improve Informing the Public. Within the City's current Zoning process, the burden is placed on the developers to inform & educate the public, and it behooves them to do the very least.

    Most people who receive 1/4 mile notice are new to the whole zoning process and tend to get upset about the lack of information received from the Developer.

    The Community Information Meetings (CZIM) are scheduled with the Johns Creek Community Association, and the location & date vary month to month.

    Meetings are Not even listed on the Official City Calendar.

    CZIM Meetings should be Held at City Hall for Consistency, Convenience & Safety.

    In the most recent CZIM Meeting:

    • Hard to find (Thornhill Clubhouse has no official address)
    • No place to setup presentation (people holding up maps)
    • Interior was dimly lit (Attorney had hard time reading)
    • Residential Subdivision is dark to drive (No signage)
    • Not enough Seating
    • Limited parking
    • No security

    Other locations have been in unoccupied offices. Although it is generous of HOA's & businesses to lend their location, we strongly feel this should be the City's responsibility, since they require this meeting.


    The 1/4 Mile Letter should be a standard informative & friendly letter from City Staff consisting of:

    • Details about the Proposed Plan
    • Zoning procedures (CZIM, Planning Commission, CC Hearing)
    • 3 Meeting dates/time/location(City Hall)
    • Resources: 'Planner After Hours' & JCCA
    • Sign up for email list updates for potential date changes


    Public Notice Signage Needs to be Improved:

    • Be Installed weeks before the CZIM (Not after)
    • Bolder Brighter Larger Font
    • Wordage in Plain speak

    Sign is order by city, and paid by developer. Should be the same for 1/4 mile mailers.


    With better transparency, information and guidance from the City, more Citizens will see value in our Municipality and participate in Voting in Elections.

    The Task Force recently completed a revision of the procedures that did not improve upon informing the Citizens.

    Zoning Task Force comprised of Appointed people from Planning Commission & Board of Zoning appeals, City Staff & 1 Citizen.

    A group that is very hard to look at the picture, when they are standing in the frame.

    In conclusion, the only major revision adopted was Not changing the proposed plan after the Planning Commission meeting, unless the plan is changed to conform to those recommendations.




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