• Update:Development of Standard Club Desired by the City?

    By Staff
    February 16, 2015

    During the Community Meeting with Urban Design Associates, the topic of Standard Club was discussed.

    It was stated that the City has approached the Standard Club to purchase part of the property for the purpose of the development for the "District".

    The first question asked to our table leader was if Parkland would be included? The response "No, parks do not generate Revenue, which is the goal of the District".

    Urban Design has been tasked to develop concept designs to alter holes of the Golf Course to accommodate commercial development.

    Calls to the Board of Directors of the Standard Club have been placed. One Board member was unable to answer 'on the record' if the Club was interested in selling.sc_2

    The Club is governed by a Proprietary Membership. Any land sale would have to be voted on by those members for the Board to execute. The revenue of the sale would be divided upon those Members.

    Mayor Mike Bodker is known as a Member of the Standard Club and could financially benefit from a land sale.

    Updated: Mayor Bodker contacted the JCP and stated he has Not been a member of the Standard Club for the past 6 years. He stated his brother is currently on the Board of Directors for the Standard Club.

    The Mayor requested we post the source of our information. Here it is, an interview by Hatcher Hurd of the Johns Creek Herald 16 months ago where he used the present tense describing he is a member.Bodker_interview_standardclub_Oct2013


    According to its website...

    Founded in 1867, The Standard Club is one of the most prestigious and historic private clubs in Georgia. This secluded and gracious retreat can accommodate ...


    In Golf Course Gurus review "The ultra privacy of this club has kept it a secret from much of the golfing world, but make no mistake about it, The Standard Club is one of the finest and most underrated course in the Peach State."

    Developing part of the land would take away from the draw that attracts Golfers from around Georgia to enjoy hidden and private Golf course. Having development in close proximity takes away from the natural beauty.

    Other concerns expressed is the amount of commercial vacancy throughout the City, and was it necessary to develop any part of a prestigious Golf Course?

    With the rapid construction of higher density subdivisions, clear cutting and deforestation, trees & nature are becoming a rarity among the severe deficiency of Park Land within the City.

    The week of April 13th, the City will host another round of meetings with Urban Design to showcase concepts and proposals of use for the District.


    Photo Sources: The Standard Club



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    Mike bodker is not a member. Please get your facts right.


    Bodker has always been a member

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