• City Ramps up Competition: Allows Beds Off-Line

    By Staff
    March 31, 2015


    City Ramps up Competition. Vertical Construction has started on the New shopping Center on Medlock Bridge Rd, next to Johns Creek Walk.

    It is another Strip Mall Shopping Center, called the Johns Creek Promenade.

    City Council approved Original Mattress Factory to open shop and sell Mattresses at that location. City Ramps up Competition and Allows Beds Off-Line in Johns Creek.


    Photo Sources: Google Image Search, City of Johns Creek, Beds Online, Original Mattress Factory



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    Developers in the know realize that what makes money is strip malls, not high rises. Johns Creek Walk was supposed to be a city center with a hotel, apartments over retail, and a park with a water feature running through the middle on the Johns Creek "Greenway". What did we end up with - two assisted living homes, apartments, a strip mall with a mattress store, and a sidewalk.

    John Galt

    We seem to be looking the other way when it comes to signs as well. Either City officials do not care or they do not drive on 141.

    Just how many signs does Sports Clips need along the right of way at State Bridge and 141? It's tacky and ugly.

    It's not what Johns Creek is supposed to be.

    If I were a business owner I'd be asking why can they do that and why can't I?

    And as a resident, I'd be calling (678) 584-2547 and say remove those signs.

    Anyone that goes there with the signs up is just encouraging more of the same.

    Johns Creek has lost it's way.....


    I agree with both of these postings. This city gov has lost its way for sure. Their focus and drive seems to be invested in pipe dreams- that are NOT in the best interest of the citizens that helped form this city and/or voted for these folks that are supposed be following the will of the people. Very disappointing...

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