• Newtown Park Amphitheater Sounds the Alarm

    By Staff
    March 31, 2015

    no_parkingNewtown Park was originally intended as a community, neighborhood park and has instead turned into full scale, City-Wide recreation centerpiece.

    According to adjacent neighbors in the Chartwell Subdivision who spoke out during public comment Monday, Traffic, Overcrowding & Noise have become serious problems for the area.

    Newtown Park was Not intended to become Chastain Park or Verizon Amphitheater, but with the City's robust concert program, events & weekly farmer's market, concerned citizens asked the City to reconsider the potential Amphitheater rental policy.

    City staff recently removed the buffer of many trees and bushes that bordered the Chartwell subdivision for a trail. This deforesting of a natural barrier has increased the noise level for the residents. The Amphitheater is positioned facing the houses, putting them in the direct path of the sound waves.

    One citizen urged the City to acquire park land immediately, to reduce the demand on Newtown. She indicated that undeveloped land is quickly disappearing and the City should prioritize Parks before more commercial development like the 'District'. She stated the City can always build buildings, but not Parks.

    The City has allocated a $100k this fiscal year for another... Park Study.

    City staff will meet with the Concerned Citizens about the issues raised and City Council tabled the Amphitheater Rental Policy to the April 27th meeting.



    'No Parking' Photo Source: Google images






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    It is insane.....I cannot ever find a parking space to take my grandchildren to play on the playground equipment during any weekend. Everyone else there is scrambling to find a space, too, It's like bumpercars! Surprised that there aren't many accidents with cars vying for a space to park!


    Not to worry. Apparently the city is planning on building another $120,000 pavilion for community concerts in the District.


    Those concert pavilions cost $1.2 million, not $120k! Yeah, the artistic rendition of the grassy field for concerts at the District looked exactly like Newtown Park!


    Just another bonehead move by this mayor & council. Ahhh, then there's 'The District'. That will fix all of our problems... Right Mr Mayor?NOT!

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