• 4 Giant Electronic Billboards to be Erected

    By Staff
    August 21, 2015

    4 Giant Electronic Billboards to be ErectedAs a result of the Settlement the City Council approved in Oct 2014, Billboards are coming soon to a corner near you! 4 Giant Electronic Billboards to be Erected

    The Billboard companies had 31 permits for locations they specified many years ago, in applications to Fulton County. They had the ability to erect these Billboards since a court order on June 13th, 2011.

    Astonishingly, the Billboard companies have not erected a single billboard in over 1500+ days.

    Why have they taken so long?

    What was wrong with the 31 locations they won at court?

    The Settlement the City negotiated gave them primarily ALL NEW Locations.

    All 4 Billboards are NEW SITES.

    If the City did not settle, these Billboards would not exist.

    • 2 on Holcomb Bridge Rd (near Barnwell & Nesbit Ferry Rd)
    • 1 on McGinnis Ferry Rd (near LA Fitness, EJCH)
    • 1 on Fox Rd (Corner of Abbotts Bridge & Jones Bridge Rd)


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    It is also important to note, the Mayor negotiated billboard space for the city to advertise into the settlement.


    whomever executed this and agreed to billboards needs to be fired!

    EJ Moosa

    I still must wonder why we did not employ a "free market solution". Could the City of Johns Creek have negotiated for the right to not have billboards for the next 20 years?

    Could we have offered some of the potential profit income stream in exchange for not having the signs? If we felt that strongly against them, we could have delayed the onset for 20 years. Perhaps sentiment would have change, or billboards could be worthless do to technology changes.

    Sometimes people need to think outside the box, and not negotiate the size of the box.


    6 more billboards are expected in the coming months.

    Pissed off

    Broadbent voted for these billboards. He thought the settlement was a great deal. For who? Not the residents.


    I agree with the person that wrote "Pissed Of "....I hate billboards in a residential community!!!!!!


    where are they located? I think in the wrong places billboards will cheapen our community


    The current 4 locations are
    2 Billboards (LED & Static) on Holcomb Bridge Rd (near Barnwell & Nesbit Ferry Rd)
    1 LED BB on McGinnis Ferry Rd (near LA Fitness, EJCH)
    1 LED BB on Fox Rd (Corner of Abbotts Bridge & Jones Bridge Rd)

    6 more billboards are expected in the coming months. Those locations are expected to be on 141, State Bridge Rd and possibly MGF rd.


    Wondered how long this would take after we fought hard against these unattractive and dangerous nuisances. Deplorable!
    Our property values will ne negatively impacted I feel sure with my 25 yrs of residential experience!


    Between the Michigan U turns,the plans for The District and the billboards it's time to take a close look at our City council and our mayor . Remember they can all be replaced ! We must start paying close attention as to which of our council members are voting for these rediculous ideas!! Perhaps it's time to wipe the slate clean !!

    Disappointed and underwhelmed with council

    Just did not need to "settle" when letting the 27 original landowners simply state they did Not permit them on their land. Most stated their anti billboard stance publicly. The city settled for completely new locations. Unbelievable.


    As a community we should collectively NOT patronize companies that advertise on these billboards.


    Anything for a dollar! What's next?


    Come on and vote this November. Only way we can get some of these members off the city council and the right ones on.

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