• Potential Greenways Cut into Private Properties

    By Staff
    August 28, 2015

    Two Greenways in the Parks & Rec Strategic Plan Presentation are under criticism for encroaching on private properties.

    proposed JC_greenways

    The proposed 'Johns Creek Greenway' would be a trail along the 'Johns Creek' from the Chattahoochee River to McGinnis Ferry Rd.

    Most of the land along the creek is owned by multiple property owners and homeowners associations. Several of these property owners were at Monday night's city Council meeting and spoke out during public comment.

    The common sentiment among the homeowners is they do not want to sell any part of their backyard to the city for a public trail.  The property owners do not want the public to have access for privacy & safety reasons.

    Eminent Domain & Right of Way Acquisition was also a main concern of these homeowners.

    The other proposal in this strategic park plan is a 'Chattahoochee Greenway' to go along the Hooch River from Barnwell Road up and through to McGinnis Ferry road.

    Much of this property is owned by either the National Parks Service, Golf Courses & Private Homes.

    Subdivision homes with Riverfront Properties:

    • Country Club of the South
    • River Ferry
    • River Farm
    • Thornhill
    • Winfield on the River
    • Ammersee Lakes
    • St Ives
    • Quail Hollow

    All of the Subdivisions (except River Ferry & River Farm) have 24 hour security or gate entry. A public trail going along the river will counteract the privacy & security measures the homeowners are paying for.

    Golf Courses on the River

    • River pines
    • Atlanta Athletic Club
    • St Ives Country Club

    Public access to the Golf Courses could also lessen the prestige and value, as the possibility of people on the trail walking up on the gold course. Fencing would spoil the golfers' river view.

    During the July 21st Parks & Rec Strategic Plan Presentation, the hired consultant Mack Cain, discussed the potential greenways and private properties and he felt property values go up with a trail. Mr Cain stated he typically "gets all this resistance" from homeowners about the trails and they eventually start cooperating to get to that trail...

    In the supplemental 2016 budget, Mayor Bodker has "Greenway Master Plan and Land Acquisition Study" down for $200,000.
    The City does like Park Studies. Have you read our popular post: Yawn…Another Park Study ?
    What are your thoughts on the potential Greenways?
    Source: City of Johns Creek


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    C'mon City of Johns Creek, you wouldn't want a trail that ANYONE can use in your backyard!


    Greenway is a nice idea but not in my backyard


    This was opposed years ago. It was decided that the greenway should go along public areas………not into private yards and neighborhoods. It would be an intrusion on private property and a safety issue to neighborhoods and homeowners. Check the records "Parks & Rec strategic planning Committee"!


    Anonymous is correct. This was brought up and shot down several years ago. It was a bad idea then and it still is a bad idea.

    Tax Paying Citizen

    Johns Creek city council and the mayor are dillusional and lack common sense. The citizens should step up at the polls and vote for real citizens instead of DC wanna bees.

    Freedom Lover

    They do not see you at the polls. They will see you voicing this opinion at the council meetings.

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