• Are the intelligent traffic lights stupid? Why we Got So Much Traffic?

    By Staff
    September 12, 2015


    The City of Johns Creek has bought the best equipment available. Millions of tax dollars has been spent. Miles of fiber cables have been dug into the roads.
    Just because there is intelligence, it does not make our traffic light systems geniuses. They might not even qualify as TAG lights.
    Truthfully, they should be held after for detention with the performance we are getting from them.
    Is it smart to stop 50 cars as soon as one car pulls up on one of the side streets?  Why are there miles of cars in two lanes backed up often at Abbotts Bridge on 141, while there are only a dozen or so cars attempting to cross 141?
    Why is it so out of balance? If traffic volumes have not grown significantly over the last 15 years, why has traffic congestion?
    Why does Johns Creek have significantly more traffic then our neighboring cities? Why does the cruising stop when you hit our City border?
    On State Bridge Rd, between the Chatahoochee River and 141, there are 5 lights within 4600 ft.
    On Medlock Bridge Rd, between State Bridge Rd and McGinnis Ferry Rd, there are 11 traffic lights within 3.6 miles. Below is the design of the upcoming 12th light, Public Works has planned for Medlock Bridge Rd & Findley Rd.

    Does adding additional traffic lights compounds the issue of traffic flow?

    Is the focus on LOS (Level of Service), how quickly the entire intersection can go through the light cycle the correct measure to use? It seems as soon as the lights turn green and the cars start going, the light turns yellow to red.

    Would coordinating the lights for flow and elongating the lights to last longer for more volume work better?

    It's time to ask the right questions because Johns Creek Citizens having been waiting to long in traffic for the answers.

    Source: City of Johns Creek



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    Intelligent traffic lights are just an automation of what is being done manually right now. ITS doesn't work when the roads are overcrowded. The real solution is to stop dense zoning and have children use the school bus.

    Interested@ Comcast.net

    Now that they are working on Old Alabama Road in front of Perimeter Church, the traffic west of Jones Bridge Road will have to travel north on Jones Br Rd where they are doing road construction at the intersection with State Bridge Road!


    Who's on first? Shouldn't the incompetent people that make these bone head moves, REPEATEDLY, be terminated??? If they cannot even figure out how and where to time traffic lights efficiently why should they keep their jobs? I would be fired on the spot if my performance was even close to this level of incompetence. Instead JC gov employees are given retirement benefits and guaranteed pay raises every year that are not based on merit! What a sweet deal!


    16 lights along 5 miles of 141...

    That's 1 light every 1/3 of a mile.

    How many were out there in 2005?

    Thomas Armstrong

    Right up there are U-turns at the busiest intersection(s) in the city. MB and SB, WITH THE MOST "Fender-Benders" of any intersection in the city. When this doesn't cause an accident it slows down the traffic trying to just make a left hand turn, reducing the number of cars that make it through the light significantly. Solve these type of STUPID policies prior to spending MILLIONS with the mayor's cronies.


    I see the same issue on 141 and Jones Bridge road in peachtree corners. There is back up on 141 S for almost a mile and the number of cars crossing 141 are far too less. Signal in both directions seems to run pretty much for the same amount of time. At times there are no cars crossing 141 and signal in that direction is still green.

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