• City Council Votes to Pay $1.2 Million More for Mowing

    By Staff
    September 17, 2015

    lawnmower$1.2 Million More for Mowing! With the additional revenue of $1.34 million the City acquired from raising taxes in July, City Council quickly spent it on a contractor charging $1.2 Million More for Mowing than another bid by Georgia Management Agency whose references were adequately good.

    Optech Monette, the only lawn mowing ROW service provider the City has ever used, cited an "Excellent Working relationship" for the reason to pay significantly more, even though they did Not score "Excellent" in the proposal, but "good".

    The Mayor questioned if the savings were worth the risk on our staff's judgment if they are qualified or not.  The contract has a cancellation clause if the work is not satisfactory.

    Council Candidate for Post #6 Tom Radford stated “this is an irresponsible waste of taxpayers money...Both contractors qualified and both had “good” referrals. We are talking about mowing the lawn here. How could anyone be this much more qualified?” Then Radford asked the council, “how many subdivisions do you suppose could have been repaved for $1.2million?” Radford further indicated that city staff has the authority to hold contractors accountable to perform services within the scope of the contract.

    Radford’s opponent, the incumbent for Post #6 Steve Broadbent, voted in favor for paying the additional $1.2 million for lawn service. Mayor Bodker, Cori Davenport & Bob Gray also voted in favor of Optech.

    Lenny Zaprowski was the only council member that supported saving the city money by going with another mowing company that was half the price!

    Nancy Reinecke spoke out at city hall concerning this contract. She stated that Optech is frequently seen mowing the garbage along the road and do not pick it up, and the magnitude of the price difference was so extraordinary that it should make the Council think of the taxpayers.

    Parks Maintenance

    The next contract the council approved was for the Parks Maintenance. grass

    Precision Landscape Management bid for 3 yrs was $2,286,000, Optech Monette $3,297,000.

    Parks staff recommended Precision. Why? Optech does not use separate mowers on the playing fields and thereby spreads weed seeds from the right of way mowing. The Parks want to use Precision mowing who will use different mowers for the playing fields to minimize weed spread.

    Wow, for bidding $1 million more, you'd think Optech would use different mowers? Precision also includes a licensed plumber, electrician, & architect and will do fence repairs, etc and still cost less. Has our Government Gone Wild?

    Mayor Bodker apologized to Optech Monette during the council meeting for not approving their bid for parks.

    Optech Monette, LLC  $2,745,332
    Georgia Management Agency $1,460,508




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    Wow! This is unbelievable. What is to keep Optech from subcontracting to Georgia Management Agency and just pocketing the $1.2 million. We have a real problem with our government!


    That is an excellent point. A few weeks ago, men with shirts "Gold Leaf Landscaping" were mowing the median. Optech could be subcontracting it out someone cheaper than GMA.

    Michael Swick

    Everyone who voted for the higher bid needs to be voted out at the earliest opportunity starting with this election. These people have turned into career politicians.


    When you are willing to raise taxes while maintaining a stunning three years worth of residential property tax revenues as a surplus, why would this be surprising to anyone?

    Our at-large representation means that the Council represents all of us.

    Who feels represented with this decision? Please speak up!



    what the........?


    and the beat goes on...


    Just think, if they are using illegal aliens as subcontractors, less a contract, then know telling how much they will pocket.


    1. Relationship with vendors should mean nothing!
    2. Did the proposal/bid request different mowers to be used.
    3. This does not pass the smell test.

    Yakoff Shi

    This is inexplicable. There's just NOT $1.2M difference in lawn mowing for the right of way.
    What in HELL is city council thinking?
    Thank you councilman Lenny Zaprowski for thinking logically!


    ATTENTION CITY COUNCIL..........Now that this is approved, I am going to be watching the right-of-ways to make sure we get our moneys worth--
    The ROWs better look PERFECT all the time.
    The taxpayers are holding you accountable!!

    Tommie Swank

    Absolute irresponsibility in the management of taxpayers money!! What is wrong with these people??


    Good thing we're a city now and not just part of the incompetent Fulton County who couldn't use our tax dollars sensibly.


    Is it time to vote the ones wasting our money out?


    You go Lenny Zaprowski, you got my vote!


    What conservative values does our council exhibit when they seek every federal tax dollar that they can get their hands on?

    We are one of the wealthiest cities in Georgia. We cannot afford to do worthwhile projects on our own?

    What legacy while we be leaving future generations?

    Even more debt to pay back.

    Frankly, they should be ashamed to call themselves conservative will begging the Feds and the State for every dollar than can get.


    They are DEMOCRATS! They voted to raise taxes and they don't mind overspending!


    If we create an "exceptional relationship" with the city, will they give us 1.2M each for no justifiable reason? Probably not. So what possible motive would they have for doing it in this case? Hmmm


    Consider the source......Optech! Shady company and owner!

    Get Involved

    The only ways things will change is with citizen involvement. If you think the council wasted your money on the mowing project than you should talk to all of your friends and neighbors and convince them to get out and vote for Tom Radford for Post 6. Show you disagree with Broadbent by votin him out of office. If we don't vote we can't complain!

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