• Expensive City Lawn Mowers Reap 2nd Contract

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    October 2, 2015
    ROW Mowers Reap 2nd Contract

    Mowers Reap 2nd Contract

    Optech, Lawn Mowers Reap 2nd Contract! The Right of Way lawn mowers that Johns Creek contracted for 3 years was just awarded a second contract. Through an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) between Johns Creek and Peachtree Corners(PTC). Johns Creek City Council voted unanimously to approve this mowing IGA with PTC.

    PTC has a city government that is limited to zoning and garbage pickup.  Gwinnett County provides police, fire, parks, and public works.

    It is illegal for PTC to enter into a contract with Optech directly. To get around its charter limitations, PTC put in place an IGA with Johns Creek to have a contract with Optech for Right of Way Mowing. The bills will go to PTC.

    Was this the best deal for PTC taxpayers? It appears that this was a No-Bid Contract on the part of PTC because a lower price contract with someone other than Optech could not rely on this scheme of using an IGA because Johns Creek would not have a contract with that low bidder.

    Johns Creek selected Optech one of the more expensive Lawnmowing bids and bypassed cheaper bids of $1.2 million+ dollars from Georgia Management Agency and Valley Crest, a national company that has contracts providing lawn care to Disney World and St Ives Country Club golf course.

    Bottom line: Peachtree Corners should address their Charter and what type of Government they want, limited or full scale like Johns Creek. In the meantime, it's good to be a Favored City Contractor.




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    Someone on Johns Creek City Council is going to have to point out to taxpayers how much better lawn mowing we got for an extra $1.3m!!
    It damned well better be OUTSTANDING service, or every council member who voted for this should be held accountable.


    I live in St. Ives, and the golf course is maintained to impeccable standard. It is a travesty that we are paying an additional $1.3MM to maintain an existing relationship.


    Does anyone know how much of the extra 1.3 mil is for PTC and how much if any is being paid by PTC to JC. Seems city council could easily provided such info. It is hard to fathom that our council would approve such an arrangement without some underlying economic rationale.

    Common Sense

    None was for PTC...they were just helping PTC work around their city charter's restrictions.

    Mike W

    Disneyworld landscaping is pristine! and we turned their lawn care company, a cheaper bid?


    WOW! DeKalb county style government has come to JC and PTC?

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