• Ask the Candidates: Millage Rate (City Taxes)

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    October 6, 2015

    Ask the Candidates: Millage Rate (City Taxes)

    Do you think the Millage rate should stay the same, increase or decrease?

    **In July 2015, City Council Voted to keep the Millage rate the same;  allowing a 7.87% tax increase, a windfall of $1.275 million additional revenue**







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    JC Taxpayer

    Does a millage rate increase affect apartment dwellers?


    Click on the middle bottom where it says "Registration Information" right next to Campaign Disclosure Reports.

    Is one candidate lying about her address too? Is it okay to file a false addresses with the city while registering to run for office?


    Nazeera's address on the campaign registration is an apartment in Johns Creek. The address she has listed on FB and is using as a return address, is outside of the city, in Forsyth County. 3651 Peachtree Pkwy, Suwanee GA 30024.

    Burned already

    Steve Broadbent has already passed on opportunities to reduce the millage rate and save money on city contracts despite his promises to do so. He will vote as Mayor Bodker tells him to, not as he promises. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I am not falling for Steve's false promises again.

    PD Gossage

    Completely agree. Note Steve's lengthy non-answer. By virtue of the Fulton Co Assessor increasing property valuations 30-100% the mayor and council members knew that the city would receive a windfall revenue increase between 30-100% even utilizing last years millage rate. Now as they campaign they want to brag about "toeing the line" on property increases by keeping the millage rate the same. Typical politicians; tax more in order to spend more. Vote all incumbents out for not properly serving the general public.

    About Broadbent

    Does Broadbent's background in business, the Navy, and the Federal Government make him care about the community? He has already increased our taxes and voted to pay twice as much for a ROW mowing contract as the low bidders. What Johns Creek needs is someone who cares about the community and is not a bureaucrat/ technocrat.

    I'm voting for Tom Radford who will spend money prudently, and who is against the District and high density developments which will snarl traffic


    Councilman Broadbent, who is up for re-election, just had his chance to decrease our millage rate in July, but instead chose to keep it the same which increased JC taxes by $1.3 million! Then, in September, he chose to pay DOUBLE for an Optech Right-of-Way mowing that cost $1.2 million more than the 2 low bidders, GMA and Valley Crest. In other words, Broadbent gave away our entire tax increase by paying TWICE as much to maintain an expensive mowing contract relationship with the same company!

    No Baloney

    What the heck is Johns Creek coming to? Baloney and fibs?

    Dawood lives in an apartment? Guess she doesn't pay property tax like all of us! Not voting for her!

    Broadbent doesn't really want to reduce taxes? Not voting for him.

    Looks like Enders, Radford/or Coughlin are getting our votes. Definitely not the would-be dr.Dawood, and Broadbent.

    JC 4 Suckers?
    Tara Smith

    Honestly this should be a none issue regarding where a candidate lives in the city (as long as they live in the city).

    It has become a credibility issue.

    Why does Nazeera have multiple addresses?

    Why is Nazeera using a mailing address in forsyth county?

    What is wrong with supporting JC biz?

    Concerned Taxpayer

    Just found out that the Rotary Club that she is a member of is NOT the one in Johns Creek. It calls itself the "Druid Hills" Rotary Club and meets every Wednesdays for lunch at an Indian restaurant in Norcross. Looks like it is an Indian dominated (clannish) club where she just asked to get nominated and they did her the favor. How does she take time off from work and attend meetings here every week? Sources at the Fulton County Health Promotions Department say she used to attend meetings here regularly while on the clock receiving taxpayer funded salary.

    Also, folks at her new job at the Democratic Chairman's office in Fulton County see her constantly using county property and time for campaigning


    The only campaigning I've seen from this candidate is putting up way too many signs along the roads.. sometime eight in a row.
    This sign thing has gotten completely out of hand, as it usually does. I guess whoever has the most campaign money can afford to bombard us with their signs.
    Perhaps Dawood doesn't answer questions because she does not need to. My thoughts are she will more than likely get votes (favors) from those in her ethnic group. It is obvious she is not qualified.
    The same may prove true for Jay Lin. He answers nothing, and has way too many signs all over the city.
    If these two people wanted to qualify themselves to ALL they would make themselves known to all. They don't.


    These accusations are scandalous. JCP is Not Peyton Place. Please keep the discussion on topic and relevant to the issues to Johns Creek. We've filtered out the comments.

    JCVoter (@JCVoter)

    CTimms is someone is not the same as you does that automatically make them wrong? Why do you insist injecting someone's skin color into this race? its 2015 isn't it time to move on? The topic is millage rates...not what race you are.....its sad and a little scary that someone cant run for public office in without having their skin color used against them.


    Skin color does not make a candidate wrong...or right.

    And Millage rates do not discriminate, either.

    PD Gossage

    Agree that ethnicity, skin color, religious preference, etc are not appropriate qualifier/disqualifiers of a candidate. However since Ms Dawood has chosen to not state a public position on any issue perhaps she is clueless about all such city matters and is thus not qualified!


    @JC Voter- I guess I got off topic.

    However, the comments I made were not intended to single out any one solely because of race. I was saying that Dawood (and Jay Lin) do not appear to be qualified as neither chose to answer ANY questions. That makes them candidates I would never consider voting for. Not because of race, but because of them lacking qualifications.

    Whether you like it or not, there is reverse prejudice. If either of these candidates were to win it quite possibly would be due to voters turning out intending to vote in one of their own. It happens. It's life.


    On Millage Rates: SPLOST dollars were supposed to be received by the City and the property taxes should have been reduced accordingly. That did not happen.

    Property Tax Valuations went up. The new total tax digest came out and the old millage rate was good for one year only.

    City Council looked at the total valuation and then picked a millage rate to generate property tax revenues that they wanted to collect from all property owners.

    The new millage rate just happens to be the same as the old millage rate. Do not let that hide the fact that they did the math on the two numbers and they knew what it was going to generate in taxes: More property taxes than the previous year. That is how it works each and every year. It’s NOT an accidental tax increase or a windfall. It is a calculated number assured by the millage rate that is selected and then voted on each year.

    Voters: The same issue on millage rates will be faced again next year. Do you want the same outcome as this year? Or do you want to see a different outcome?

    Millage rates are a direct tax on the property owners of Johns Creek. And they went up sharply. Much more than the rate of inflation. Remember that on October 15th when your taxes are due AND November 3rd when you decide whether or not you want to pay more next year as well.

    Choose wisely.

    Thomas "Tom" Radford

    It is comforting to see citizen engagement on the important Johns Creek topics. I hope to see everyone tonight at Atlanta Athletic Club 7:00 to hear my views on city matters. Blessings!

    PD Gossage

    Tom...please run a strong visible campaign. We need new blood on the Council and one who will stand for lower property taxes and slower growth.


    Todd Burkhalter seems to be changing his story about the millage rate. In his Post answer above, he says he'd lower the millage rate to prevent a tax increase on residents, yet on his 7/29/2015 FACEBOOK posting, he claimed it was a great night for Johns Creek when our City Council voted to maintain our millage rate which INCREASED taxes 7.87% and resulted in our city collecting $1.275 Million more from our residents!!!


    Simple solutions:
    Vote Radford, Endres, and a candidate of your choice. Two out of 3
    'ain't' bad!

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