• Poverty, Pollution, Taxes & Campaign Donations: All Candidates Answer!

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    October 10, 2015

    Poverty, Pollution, Taxes!  AJC/Women's League of Voters conducted an excellent Voter Guide. If you take your time to maneuver the site, you will find answers from ALL the Candidates; Bravo! (May have to select 2 candidates to show the replies).

    Post 2: Special Election (Term of 3 meetings: thru Dec 2015)

    • Todd Burkhalter
    • Chris Coughlin
    • Patty Hansen
    • Arun Misra

    Post 2: General Election (Jan 2016 - Dec 2019)

    • Todd Burkhalter
    • Chris Coughlin
    • Jay Lin

    Post 4: General Election

    • Bob Gray (Unopposed)

    Post 5: Special Election

    • Carlos Carbonell
    • Nazeera Dawood
    • Stephanie Endres

    Post 6: General Election

    • Steve Broadbent
    • Thomas "Tom" Radford

    Finally, leave your thoughts about Poverty, Pollution, Taxes. Comments about theirs!




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    In her responses to the League of Women Voters, Nazeera Dawood states "I have voluntarily not accepted campaign contributions with anyone in ownership/executive position in business or seeking business in the the city of Johns Creek".

    Contrary to this statement, Nazeera's Campaign Financial Disclosures report that on June 23, 2015, she accepted a donation of $1000 from an owner of the VapeRite e-cigarette store at 10900 Medlock Bridge Road in Johns Creek (shopping center with Abbotts Bar & Grill).

    Also, should a responsible health professional accept a donation from the e-cigarette business?

    Asthma Sufferer

    Dr Dawood's answer that air quality is not a priority is insulting and unprofessional. As Dr she should be concerned about pollution for asthmatics and COPDs.

    As a potential council person, traffic and idling cars contribute unnecessarily to the air quality in our city. You don't need to go door to door to be told that. You need common sense!


    I don't know you so I wont pretend to know your intentions. What I will say is that I know from 1st hand experience that Dr Dawood has more common sense that most people I've met and Ive been in business 25 years.
    From a dirt poor village she managed to put herself through medical school, find her way to America, get accepted to UNC Chapel (which is one of the finest Universities in the US) get a Masters degree and then get hired by Emory University Medical Center. If you can manage to do that without having common sense I find it hard to believe.

    Maybe you know more about asthma or COPD because you have that disease but not everyone does and to say that a well respected and accomplished Medical professional does not understand public health issues is simply naive.
    I cant put words in her mouth but knowing her I can imagine that what she was inferring was people want to see solutions for traffic. Solve the traffic and you solve the air quality issues that come as the result. You cant solve air quality without solving the traffic. And THATS just common sense.

    J Raja Wisepearl

    Hey Anonymous:

    Can you please identify yourself, please. You claim to have "1st hand experience" about "Dr" Dawood. What world do you live in? In 25 years of being in business this is the person you've met with the most "common sense?" That says a lot about your foolishness and gullibility. What kind of business are you in? Government contracting?

    Everything you said about the "Dr" is ABSOLUTELY false. She is not from a dirt poor village. She DID NOT put herself through medical school and she did not "find her way" to America.

    Nazeera Dawood grew up in Saudi Arabia for the most part. Her father was a RICH engineer who worked there. It was for her 11th grade that she went to a boarding school in India.

    Since she did not score well in her 12th grade, she wasn't accepted by any mainstream medical college in India.(You go to 4.5 years of medical school right after the 12th grade in India) So she created a BIG SCENE at home and her dad had to pay a hefty capitation fee https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capitation_fee
    to get her admitted in a fairly new college which was less than mediocre at that time.

    Born on August 11, 1973(42 years, really...) she first got married to Mr. Sinnathambi Mohamed Sideek on September 9, 1995 in India. Upon completing her MBBS degree in 1996 she moved to North Carolina, USA to join her then spouse, Mr. Sideek. (SHE DID NOT FIND HER WAY, rather was sponsored by him)

    She NEVER practised as a physician at a charitable hospital upon graduation as printed FALSELY in her Door Hanger.


    Once in North Carolina,she wanted to become a physician in the U.S.A. and she prepared for her USMLE exams, but failed her Step 1 USMLE.







    Upon advise and FINANCIAL SUPPORT by Mr.Sideek, she enrolled for the MPH program at nearby UNC in Chapel Hill, NC which she completed in 1999.

    She then worked as a Research Associate for the UNC Palliative Care Program by conducting a survey to form a baseline for the Palliative care Program. She also conducted statistical analysis of the data gathered using Microsoft Access and Excel.

    Later, she was a Research Associate at the Maternal and Child Health Department, UNC School of Public Health, where she helped in research projects by using SAS and creating a database in Microsoft Access. She also used Microsoft Excel to generate the charts for this project.

    Then in July 27, 2011 she separated from then husband and kid in Wake County, NC. After a while she moved back to India. On October 28, 2004, Mr. Sinnathambi Mohamed Sideek divorced her in Durham County, NC and took sole custody of their daughter.

    Upon her getting a job offer in Atlanta, we moved here together from Connecticut where I had been for almost 20 years.

    In 2005, she joined Emory University, Atlanta as a Senior Research Specialist. Her job included screening and enrolling patients at Grady Memorial Hospital with myocardial infarction as part of a nationwide prospective registry. She kept a log of all patients screened. She also interviewed the patients while they were in the hospital and performed chart abstraction from the medical records and was also responsible for the data entry.

    In 2010, she got a job with the Fulton County Health Promotions Department, handing out freebies to the "poor" and forming "coalitions" to dole out more taxpayer goodies. Also, it is here where she built the DEMOCRATic "network" responsible for pushing her into JC politics once they learnt that she had moved fo JC from the City of Decatur

    Our lives would have been very different had she not joined the Fulton County Medical Promotions Department and met the various characters who wrecked and ruined our family.

    So, she NEVER saw patients in the U.S. as a physician. She is NOT qualified to be a medical doctor in the U.S.

    And she is NOT a traffic expert either.

    And, "common sense", well... her past actions and situations she created for herself including immediate and extended family ... let her explain it herself if she can be honest for the first time.

    She has PROMISED me again today before going to the forum at JC High School, that she will refrain from lying and promoting falsehoods and fabrication of "facts" and will put family first. I SINCERELY HOPE that this time she puts her young kids, family and REAL friends above illusions.


    I have one question: On what date did the not-a-US-MD become an American citizen?


    @Wisepearl Are you Nazeera's husband?

    J Raja Wisepearl

    Yes, I am, Editor ... and everything I've said is true. Now I'm being pressured to say it was somebody else who posted this. But I'm not going to lie.


    This whole thing exemplifies unanswered questions about Nazeera.

    Drama of divorce and remarriage.

    Multiple addresses including an apartment. Using a mailing address in Forsyth because living situation is unstable.

    Working for Fulton County instead of a cushy medical practice in Johns Creek.

    All these personal and private issues. No wonder she couldn't answer the candidate questions. Who'd have the time?


    @Wisepearl I see a $2,500 donation from you to Nazeera's campaign. Why did you donate such amount of money knowing all those facts about her?


    When I listened to candidate Nazerra Dawood last evening, and then think about the politicians that have gotten behind her, I am left scratching my head.

    I cannot help but wonder "What ARE they thinking?" More importantly, why did they think it?

    It's awesome to have a Lifetime or Oprah story to share with friends and family. But that does not make anyone qualified for the job of City Council and the challenges it will present.

    By comparison, Candidate Stephanie Endres was clear, concise, and had appropriate answers to the questions presented at the JCHS Forum.

    I was not sold on Endres before last evening, but I certainly am now.


    Went to the JCHS candidate forum last night and decided I will be voting for Coughlin, Endres, and Radford. They are for lowering the millage rate and are against the District and high-density housing.

    The other candidates are just going to make our traffic problems worse.

    I also attended the Forum and am voting for the same three candidates!!
    There was a lot of "double-speak" from others: lots of words, but no answers to questions.


    Also voting for S. Endres, Tom Radford and Chris Coughlin. I like the lowering of millage rates, too. Only ones that I thought made sense.

    Not a Fan of Ferdinand

    I was surprised to hear Broadbent say that Radford was not being truthful in comments made last night.

    Didn't Broadbent vote to fund the CBD study? Has he not voted to spend city funds on this project?

    Didn't Broadbent vote for a millage rate which raised tax revenues collected in Johns Creek?

    Did we not see a contract for ROW maintenance approved that cost a million more than necessary?

    Standing up and seeming irate won't lower my taxes that I have already paid nor will it return the dollars voted for and approved by the current city council on the CBD.

    As for the contract bids, were they all not bidding for on the same contract which specified what was to be included?

    I've never seen a contract bidding process where company A bids to do X and Company B bids to do X + Y +Z, and then the City picks the winner.

    That sounds insane


    Broadbent lied last night when he said the Optech ROW lawn
    mowing contract included maintenance of potholes, storm drains, and signs. That is simply not true, those are roadworks chores!

    Broadbent voted to spend $1.2 Million more for the Optech ROW mowing contract when he could have spent half the price for Valley Crest who meticulously maintains the golf courses of St. Ives where Broadbent lives!!! Valley Crest also does the landscape maintenance at The Falls at Autry Mill in JC and at DISNEY WORLD!

    Vote Radford

    Broadbent voted NOT to hold an election to fill the 2 empty council seats for over a year, because he said it would be too expensive to hold an election ($150k), yet he had NO TROUBLE voting to pay $1.2 Million more of OUR taxpayer dollars on an Optech ROW mowing contract!

    Reminder - Vote for Tom Radford instead as he will spend our taxpayer dollars wisely!


    Broadbent is a yes man of Bodker.


    Also voting for S. Endres, Tom Radford and Chris Coughlin. These folks are the only qualified candidates that be counted on to act in the best interest of the residents and tax payers. They will not nod their heads up and down to the whims of Bodker. We will have a check and balance in place- which is LONG PAST DUE.


    I spoke with Mr. Coughlin recently. His approach to understanding what and how we spend our money on is refreshing.

    Mr. Coughlin has been studying the best practices of financial management, and wants to see them applied here in the Creek. He shared with me some of the research, and it makes sense to me.

    Watching presentation after presentation by JC, I have observed that our decisions are driven by national averages. Guess what? We are not average. We have a unique set of circumstances.

    Mr. Coughlin gets this. Management by averages is not management. It's putting the city on autopilot to the wrong goals.

    Frankly what we are doing now is a path to mediocrity. Is that what we seek?

    The answer would clearly be no.

    He's getting my vote.

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