• Ask the Candidates: Bonds for Parks

    By Staff
    October 13, 2015

    What are your thoughts on bonds for Parks and Recreation within the City?

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    For Parks

    I agree with Stephanie Endres, our city already has $57 million of our tax dollars in the bank so why not use that money first! Bonds may not be necessary.


    Thank you Chris Coughlin and Patty Hansen.

    I echo your sentiments and would take it one step further. If the citizens of Johns Creek want all of this money to be spent on parks, then let the citizens of Johns Creek be the source of funding for these bonds.

    Hansen points out the conflict we face. We are adults. If we want something we should be willing to pay for it ourselves. It's what we would tell our children. We should not have to tell this to our Council.

    Those that choose to chase county, state, and federal dollars for our needs are doing future generations a disservice.

    This nation has enough debt. Those who respond "if we do not go for those dollars, someone else will" are part of the problem in a big way.

    We need fiscal leadership, not people who believe that there is "free" money out there.

    The money you spend will have to be earned by someone in the future. Are you willing to look at your children and tell them that you were one of the people that chose to saddle them with the national debt they will face?


    We could have had a fantastic city hall/park ( with amenities already in) if the city had bought the Deans Gardens property.
    What a bonehead thing not to have done,

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