• Letter to the Editor: Thoughts on Candidate Forum

    By Staff
    October 19, 2015

    lettertoeditor_barI went to the candidate forum last Thursday and was glad I did.

    People should not select a candidate because of their ethnicity, which was quite evident at the forum. I learned new things about the candidates that cannot be shown in the pamphlets handed out, which are biased. Chris Coughlin wants to spend the Cash Reserves which are for unexpected expenses that come up for the city. He is a Scientist/Researcher we need Business people with financial knowledge in office.

    Of all the candidates Stephanie Endres seemed the best and most honest candidate. When she answered the questions she made sure she understood the question prior to answering the question. She didn't use dramatics or look for sympathy she was direct and honest.

    I encourage people to vote for Ms. Endres she seems to be an individual with her own thoughts not one of the group going to push for the same old politics.

    I worry about how things are run with the Country, as well as, the City I live in. I wish more people came out to the Forum instead voting by what the pamphlets say and the prejudice media say, I make my own decisions and do research for who I select at the poll.

    I hope people take voting seriously, it's a very important privilege.

    Joanne Janchus

    Editor's Notes: There are 2 more Candidate Forums:

     Tuesday, October 20th
    Taylor Lodge, St Benedicts Church
    11045 Parsons Road
    Johns Creek, GA 30097
    6 p.m. - 9 p.m.

    "Mix and Mingle" will begin at 6 p.m. The forum will begin promptly at 6:45 p.m.
    *The Parsons Road bridge is still under construction*

    Thursday, October 29th
    Newtown Park Community Clubhouse


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    Chris Coughlin

    Thanks for attending the forum, Joanne, and providing your feedback. While I am a scientist, I do work in the private sector where I advise financial institutions on best practices, which is, essentially, what you are asking for.

    In regards to the surplus, the $54 million is way too much for unexpected expenses. It should be anywhere from $4 - 8 million for a rainy day fund. That would give us $46 - 50 million to allocate. Both businesses and research would suggest having more than 25% cash on hand is a terrible practice.

    I might not have conveyed that as eloquently as I desired, but, since we're over the 120% mark on excess surplus, we can most certainly afford to allocate that money while still having money for any unexpected expenses.

    Finally, I agree with you that Stephanie demonstrated that she is the most qualified candidate. I thank God I'm not running in Post 5.

    Are You Kidding?

    The Mayor and Councilman Broadbent want to spent down our $57 Miillion surplus.

    I guess this letter writer feels that scientists, doctors, engineers and other non-business professionals are not qualified to serve on City Council???

    Also, President Ronald Reagan and Mayor Clint Eastwood of Carmel, CA should not have been politicians, because they were just actors!


    I agree 100% with the previous comment. You don't need a degree en Finance to be a good leader and the most qualified. Another example: Dr. Ben Carson


    Dr. Ben Carson also thinks Muslims are not qualified to hold office.


    @HMS - What the heck are you talking about here? Does your remark belong in this forum?????
    Anyway that is NOT what Ben Carson said. You've bought in to the drive by media attacks and reporting things completely out of context.
    I listened to the actual interview. Carson said he would not have a problem with a Muslim holding office IF their belief system was in line with what our country is based upon. Obviously our culture does not and never would honor Sharia law, or any other religion that distorts our laws and culture, or moves us back into the stone ages.

    Allah Pundit

    Dr. Ben Carson: "Islam, as a religion, is incompatible with the Constitution."


    No Kidding

    President Ronald Reagan and Mayor Clint Eastwood also were not liars and phonies who falsified resumes or made up fairy tales.

    It was the Establishment Republicans and their liberal friends who demeaned Reagan calling him an actor. The Establishment at that time was behind George "Voodoo Economics" Bush.

    Interesting link: "Throw the bums out"



    @Chris - I support you, as do many others. Being a politician is a curse these days. Certainly not an attribute. The "actor" Ronald Reagan was one of the best governors and president this country ever had. Being a scientist proves you have a fully functional mind. We are sorely missing logical thinkers in the present council. You will be a breath of fresh air.


    "Chris Coughlin wants to spend the Cash Reserves which are for unexpected expenses that come up for the city."

    The cash reserves we have accumulated are not for "unexpected Expenses" entirely or exclusively.

    If you look at what the City has done in the past few weeks, they have begun to allocate these reserves to be spent on things other than "unexpected expenses".


    If you review this document you will see that the City has listened to Mr. Coughlin and others on this issue and are taking steps to allocate and spend that money on projects.

    Mr. Coughlin is right on this issue, and the City's actions affirm it.

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