• Demise of Dean Gardens - RIP

    By Staff
    November 1, 2015

    dean-gardens-gardenOnce the jewel of Johns Creek, the Demise of Dean Gardens culminated last year, and today it looks like a war zone.

    Over 20 years ago, Mr. Larry Dean spent many millions to build the estate. He imported antique fountains from Italy, installed more than 1 million pounds of imported stone for the hardscaping, and over 1 million plants.

    Dean gardens 3The one-of-a-kind gardens and the uncommon array of horticulture was a gem in Johns Creek. The inside was an eclectic mix of over the top design, an inspiration for any number of exploits of the rich and famous. 

    Over the years, it sought a new buyer, from the late Michael Jackson, to finally Tyler Perry, who sought to build a new eco-estate with an organic farm. Hurdles impeded that dream and he sold to Lennar Homes.

    Pushed Through Quietly

    Neighbors' attention was distracted during a double rezoning effort, with the Atlanta Athletic Club rezoning case overwhelming adjoining subdivisions.

    Many neighboring residents did not attend the hearing and vote. For fear of losing disputed fence-line buffer land that was unofficially given to them by the previous owner, Larry Dean. In calming fears over the development, Lennar offered to let the neighbors keep the few feet of additional land without contest.

    This promise is still outstanding, and it is unclear when the developer will come clean on this promise.  Other residents stated they were told not to oppose the development or they would have an apartment complex, which had been previously proposed a decade earlier.

    Zoning Hearing

     Dean gardens1A handful of area residents stood forth to oppose this development, the increase of traffic on an already congested road, and most importantly the loss of a unique, pastoral and beautiful piece of riverfront land.

    Tossing and tussling ensued over the finer details by council members. Former Councilman Brad Raffensperger insisted on side yard setbacks larger than five feet. The homes were so close together that homeowners would be liable for bodily injuries if neighbors conducted repairs and an accident occurred on the property.

    Councilman Lenny Zaprowski presented himself in favor of 1 house per acre as the Land Use Plan indicates but subsequently changed his mind after the Mayor called for a restroom break. Mayor Mike Bodker advocated for 70 homes, to make the project financially viable for the developer. The Mayor's opinion was that the land should become another dense residential subdivision.

    Councilwoman Cori Davenport initially voted against the rezoning and with some confusion, another vote followed with her yes vote. Kelly Stewart and Brad Raffensberger voted to oppose the rezoning.

    Although Lennar was granted approval...

    To squeeze 70 homes on 20 of the 58 total acres, they now can only fit 64. This construction requires bulldozing and demolishing the beautiful and unique gardens along the Chattahoochee River. The remaining 38 acres of land deemed too unstable to build upon. Leaving the dense clusters of azaleas in the center of the property, pond, and trees along the periphery.

    It was sold for $9.2 million to Lennar by Baronne Trust, AKA Tyler Perry.

    DG1The land was classified as 'transitional areas' in the City of Johns Creek Land Use Plan. This controversial terminology was changed afterward to 'Distinctive areas'. Through a consent agenda item during a city council meeting a few months later. Too little too late as area residents motion away from the construction dust and chase off foxes that escaped the demolition.

    Interestingly, Dean Gardens is in the City’s Green Plan as a Riverfront Park and Picnic Area. It had $10million identified for such land. The City hired a new consultant to draw a new Park Plan, as larger parcels of available land in the city continue to dwindle.  See that popular post: Yawn…Another Park Study.

    Excellent Pictures and descriptions of the estate and gardens can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/DeanGardens

    Fantastic Video of the Gardens.

    Wow, what a fantastic park it COULD have been. RIP Dean Gardens.

    Hello Bayard Subdivision: more homes & cars on Old Alabama Rd.

    Be sure to Vote Tuesday, Nov 3rd. Need help deciding who makes our zoning decisions? Here is our Voter Guide.



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    Fed up

    Disgusting. Vote em all out!


    Amen. How very tragic and incredibly short sighted this is. Greed reigns, greed reigns. Tyler Perry, you had the right idea and anyone who opposed your concepts should never rest easy. I am ashamed of those who let this happen. When we vote for you, we have to assume you have the best interest of ecology and environment in mind. But you know what they say about "assumptions'
    Carole Madan
    Momma Nature
    Master Naturalist

    Thomas "Tom" Radford

    A tragic loss of opportunity for our city. This property could easily have been turned into one of the most beautiful parks in Georgia. True visionaries would have seized this opportunity.

    A vote for Radford is a vote for the people of Johns Creek.


    They should all be ashamed of themselves, to allow this to happen.
    We may never be able to get out of Johns Creek due to gridlock!!
    Why does every piece of property have to have buildings on it.
    Just look around at the empty stores. STOP!!

    It doesn't matter

    Another reason I hate Johns Creek


    Why are you blaming JC?. Is not the Dean Estate, private proptery?
    Maybe you should take the issue up with the current owner.


    If we were willing to pay close to a million for a pocket park under power lines, certainly Dean Gardens would have been a smart purchase for $10 million.

    Where's the vision of our leadership?

    What Is The City Doing?

    Why has the developer been allowed to keep the property in a state of perpetual construction? For over a year that ugly barbed wire topped black fencing has been all we see. Not one building is under construction behind it! Add two watch towers and it's a prison in JC. Set a deadline to build something, return the property to a state of nature or seize it and turn it into a park. The city does not accept the premise that "private property" allows citizens of lesser means the right to turn their property into an eyesore. What sort of city accepts less from a multi million dollar developer?

    Wally Frominger

    If they hadn't thrown so many roadblocks in Tyler Perry's way, both the city and neighbors you wouldn't be getting 64 houses. Serves everyone right.

    Carole Madan

    Yes, we suffer for the stupidity and shortsightedness of those who let this happen but the animals, birds, trees and amazing gardens suffered the ultimate for man & woman kinds ignorance.
    Momma Nature

    a voter that may change his mind

    Paved paradise and putting up parking lots and apartments.


    What a shame! It was the jewel of Alpharetta, not Johns Creek.


    5100 Old Alabama Rd, Johns Creek, GA 30022 is JOHNS CREEK!!



    This actually hurts my heart... Having to witness the continued destruction and rape of the land all over JC is beyond imagination.

    Bodker is a despicable man. Surely no one would have elected him had they known what his master plan was for JC.

    Am counting the days till he is gone!


    Does anyone know the latest update on this subdivision?????


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