• City to Purchase HUGE Park Land & on the River!

    By Staff
    November 17, 2015

    The City is buying the Cauley Creek Water Reclamation Facility and surrounding land of 133 acres for $20.3 million. 2000 feet of Chatahoochee River Frontage.

    The old Rogers Bridge is adjacent. When that is restored, it will create pedestrian access to Duluth's Park across the River.

    Thank you Citizens for your tax dollars to buy this land, and Council for spending it on this!

    Update: 133 acres not 113.  Thanks Lenny for the correction!

    Cauley Creek Field

    Cauley Creek Woods



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    Pat Woodard

    $180,000. per acre. Wow!


    I thought some of that was wet lands seem like we over paid?


    ~ $150,000 per acre.

    Carole Madan

    In light of the recent losses of green space around Johns Creek, I am glad someone took action and actually bought land. Theoretically it won't be built ... EVER. A small visitors center would be okay just no more.
    Carole Madan
    Momma Nature
    Johns Creek

    Vote for Endres

    This is a great deal for the families of Johns Creek!


    Who's receiving the sales proceeds and what is that person's (entity's) relationship to any city council member?


    Is there a plan for the land and if so where is it?


    Not yet. There will be citizen input.


    AJC reported that Cauley Creek offered to sell to Fulton County for $15 million. Why we paying $5 million more?


    Found out a little more tonight after the JCCA debate... the $15 million was just for the reclamation plant and the 10 acres it is using. This purchase is for 133 acres including those 10 acres and the plant.

    John Bradberry

    my understanding is that JC could sell the plant and get half of the proceeds from the sale which could really help offset the cost of the overall park land purchase.


    They could, but if the plant is reopened, the land will be needed for leach fields.


    This is the best news ever, if used properly, benefiting the tax payers already living in JC!! But what does "restored" mean? It looks great. Maybe now some of the dwindling yet remaining wildlife in JC will stand a chance at survival. AND we, the citizens, will have a place to go that is not covered in concrete; and instead offers a natural environment we can thrive in...


    It is a wonderful way to spend our money, we definitely need more green space!

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