• Video to the Editor: J Raja Wisepearl - Nazeera Dawood's Husband

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    November 18, 2015

    A Word from Wisepearl.

    To the Citizens of Johns Creek,

    I am J Raja Wisepearl, Nazeera Dawood's husband. Yes, I have written comments about my wife here on this website, in an effort to get the truth out about her.

    We have had a very dysfunctional relationship since she was pushed into politics by a fellow named Rodney Mullins, and it has only gotten worse with all the lies to fill the void because she is unqualified to be a councilperson.

    It is terrible to have our personal drama play out in public. My wife is being used as a puppet and I want this whole endeavor to stop. Lastly, not knowing what else to do but tell the truth. the reason for all my comments and why I made this video.

    My testimony in this video is what I have observed.

    Source: J Raja Wisepearl

    Editor's Note: Finally, Mr. Wisepearl provided identification and notarized an affidavit attesting to the above.




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    Mary W

    Even Nazeera Dawood's husband understands that his wife is merely a puppet for Mayor Bodker.

    It is sad that Mayor Bodker can't keep himself out of city council elections in which he lines up unqualified candidates who will not use intelligence or independent thought to arrive at the best decisions for Johns Creek. The Mayor even spends his time calling up Nazeera Dawood to dictate answers to questions posed by the AJC for which she has not a clue!!!

    Mayor Bodker got Cori Davenport elected and she has been a mute dolt, sitting on council now for 2 years without ever having spoken to contribute anything to important decisions being made. It should be a requirement of the job to speak, but no, she only speaks "Yea" to concur with every decision Bodker makes.

    Bodker is a MANIPULATOR and likes these "puppet candidates" that will agree with all his commands so he can get his way!

    J Raja Wisepearl

    The thousands of $$$$$ that he has his buddies funnel into her campaign. People she NEVER knew before. Lots of lobbyists, builders, and Realtors.. whoa!

    Are we a meritocracy or a tinpot dictatorship?

    We go bomb other countries to establish "democracy!" .... and what do we have?

    BIG money BUYING ELECTIONS ....LOW voter turnout. Uninformed/Misinformed voters. Corruption in its worst form...

    And then we have NEGATIVE ads: portraying the honest and smart candidate as the "villain who will destroy JC," and the compulsive liar and dummy, a "savior of JC!!"


    Thanks JC Post for keeping us informed, you're doing a fantastic job. Mr Bodker is a despicable person. We can't let him use Nazeera as a puppet, we need somebody like Stephanie who will fight for us in the City Council.


    Mr. Wisepearl,

    I want to ask why you remarried Dawood this summer? Was this your idea or hers? Was this to help her appear more wholesome with her campaign?

    J Raja Wisepearl

    While in the past she has cheated on me with SEVERAL men(including Rodney Mullins, the fellow who got her into Politics originally), I was completely in the dark of all her "activities" until late last year. She used to tell me she had a "meeting" and would come home as late as 2 am in the mornings. She would say she is going on a a work related trip and would be gone for days. She also would take off for days to go places like San Destin, Florida with her "Rotary club." and then there were NAPAWF meetings in Washington D.C.(She had told me it was work related).


    I was even totally unaware of her affair with Prathap Singh. Like I had mentioned in an earlier post, around this time last year, she had abandoned me and the kids and took off to India to stay with him and visit places like New Delhi, Agra etc. While I was completely in the dark of what was going on, the kids told me that she had told them that she was going for an "United Nations" job interview and would be back in 2 weeks. She actually came back after 50+ days.

    Well, to make a long story(volumes of books can be written) SHORT, I went through HELL once I was aware of how I had been cheated, deceived, manipulated and so on.

    Now, coming to your question(without going into much details): One day she came running to my place saying she was SORRY for everything she had done to me and the kids.

    I told her not to worry we'll work things out. "Make me ONE promise, NEVER LIE to me or anyone again." She AGREED. (Well, we all know about that pledge!!)

    So putting family and kids first, and with a spirit of forgiveness, I agreed and we got married again. And I am still committed to keeping my family intact. And that's the reason I have strongly come out against her candidacy because all the lies and mistruths being put out by her campaign is creating a racial animosity in Johns Creek.

    "Team Nazeera" played the race card from the beginning and it is a shame.

    Nazeera is qualified to do a lot of other things, but NOT councilman/woman. It is a job that requires lots of skills that she does not possess at this time. (All written ANSWERS provided by "Nazeera" to Runoff Questionnaires to the JCPost and also other articles etc. published by other magazines and entities were written by "friends," volunteers, and hired campaign personnel.)

    I personally believe that the best person should do the job(whatever job it may be). And watching the debates(including the latest one which I ACCURATELY PREDICTED - days ahead - about the inferior/unskilled candidates who would be a NO SHOW)Chris Coughlin and Stephanie Endres are the BEST candidates among the "final five."



    Mr. Wisepearl,

    Thank you for your honesty. Anyone who has ever been in love knows how hard we will try and want to believe in the one we love, despite behaviors we dislike.

    Your unconditional love is more than most people will experience in life.

    Once again, Thank you for your honesty.


    Better be careful what you say out here. The Mayor might unleash another public condemnation during the council meeting about all the negative people who have nothing else to do but question the great Oz.


    LOL Tom. Keep up the great comments. Keep telling it like it is, even injecting some humor to keep it even more interesting ;-))


    If Bodker, Riley, Kenn, Cain, and other Republicans vetted Dawood prior to picking her as a candidate, then we need to be saying more here, and not less.


    It appears Herman Cain does not endorse her.


    Did Cain not donate to her campaign?


    He did many months ago. Bob Gray also donated money over the summer and has withdrawn his endorsement.

    Restore Integrity in JC

    Nazeera Dawood please stop with the lies. You drove to DC to fast for open borders and sanctuary cities, last year! These are not Republican values.

    In light of this deceit and the obvious need to focus on your family, please do Johns Creek a favor and withdraw your candidacy.

    This graceful gesture would gain respect for you.

    To give you some withdrawal tips:
    1) Stop sending ridiculous alarmist mailers.
    2) No yard signs.

    J Raja Wisepearl

    It's about time REAL Republicans start BOMBARDING the Establishment with phone calls, emails, whatever it takes... to say Enough is Enough.

    If you want to "expand" party membership, recruit "minorities" who represent the "Republican Party" values.

    Or is the GOP just another donkey faking to be an elephant?


    J Raja Wisepearl

    Quoting "Puzzled" here: "Anyone who has ever been in love knows how hard we will try and want to believe in the one we love, despite behaviors we dislike."

    And, restating from my previous post: "Putting family and kids first, and with a spirit of forgiveness, I agreed and we got married again. And I am still committed to keeping my family intact. And that’s the reason I have strongly come out against her candidacy because all the lies and mistruths being put out by her campaign is creating a racial animosity in Johns Creek."



    Also Team Nazeera(let's be honest here, Nazeera does not have what it takes to do MOST of the stuff going on in her "campaign"... ) is desperate to stop an HONEST, STRAIGHT SHOOTER like Mrs. Stephanie Endres from shining a light, on what I think is, crony capitalism taking place right here, in our own backyard.


    Mrs. Endres has NOTHING to with billboards. Just read what our very beloved mayor said himself.


    Chris Cupit

    We all agree this is a sad situation for Nazeera and her husband. While I support her opponent, Stephanie Endres, and feel that Johns Creek will be best served by her on the council, I also hope that Nazeera and her husband can get their issues resolved in a way best for each of them and for their kids.

    I have been an outspoken opponent of Nazeera's after first being approached by her for her support. I have an honest disagreement with her over policy issues: her recent support of Sanctuary Cities, open borders, ACA expansion to illegal immigrants and what I feel has been her callous and contradictory positions on human life. With that said, there is room in Johns Creek for differences of opinion and I welcome OPEN, HONEST differences. My opposition to her stemmed from what I felt was her dishonesty with me. I think many others including council members Lenny Zaprowski, and Bob Gray and many of her former supporters feel that she has been less than forthright.

    What is most troublesome to me and what I find absolutely disgusting though is this: Nazeera's supporters have consistently tried to portray her opponents as racists or in this case as somehow supportive of abusive behavior. It is cynical, disgusting politics. We must be able to have legitimate policy disagreements without devolving into this junk. And yes, candidates SHOULD attend the debates so people can judge them and their positions on the merits of what THEY SAY.

    Lastly consider this: Nazeera's husband has been trying for weeks to get some of this "information" to both of her opponents--Neither Stephanie or Carlos wanted to touch the stuff and neither did. The Johns Creek Post became the primary forum for her husband. We can all be saddened by the direction of local politics today but this chapter is the result of her husband's actions and has nothing to do with any other campaign.

    J Raja Wisepearl

    Thank you for commenting, Mr. Cupit. I really appreciate your input. Kindly allow me to add/clarify:

    Team Nazeera was playing the race card.. on top of other falsehoods from the moment they knew Mrs. Endres had entered the race. I was very uncomfortable with the fact that they were doing this and other despicable stuff.

    Also, Nazeera and her team, and some supporters were trying to portray her as somebody that was not the "real Nazeera." Personally, I thought, Nazeera and her campaign were playing lots of dirty tricks and fooling the Republican establishment, and most importantly the citizens of Johns Creek.

    So I decided to get the TRUTH out. And, everything that I have disclosed in the process is 100% true.

    True, I had tried to warn the Endres campaign, which was NOT AT ALL receptive to my help. I then found the Johns Creek Post website as a means to communicate to the public. I felt this was my civic duty.

    In my everyday life, I am someone who is very reserved and seldom seeks public attention. This whole process was very difficult for me. I was being condemned by those "with an agenda" that were using Nazeera as a puppet, in spite of knowing that she is not the right person for the job.

    Since the truth has come out, I feel relieved of a HUGE burden.
    If Nazeera had ran on her merits and her real record, I would have NEVER intervened.

    Lastly, a little correction: I NEVER contacted the Carbonell campaign, ever.

    David Eads

    I want to thank you Mr Wisepearl for your bravery. This was not easy and I'm sure will have personal repercussions. Thank you for this great sacrifice for our city.

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