• Resounding Victory for Stephanie! Post 2 split with Chris & Jay

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    December 2, 2015
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    election_resultsStephanie Endres, 17 year homeowner won a resounding victory against controversial Nazeera Dawood. Stephanie won nearly ever precinct, despite the plethora of false marketing.

    Congrats Stephanie, you will clearly serve the citizens well with your vast knowledge, integrity and desire to keep our city great.

    The dysfunctional Post 2 ballot had 2 winners. Chris Coughlin won the stub term by a hefty margin against Todd Burkhalter. Congrats Chris! Although your term is short, your contributions will have positive impact for years to come.

    For the general election, it was a very close race between Chris Coughlin and Jay Lin, who won by 2%. Congrats Jay!

    Oddly, 377 voters casted exclusively for Jay Lin in the general election, which pushed him into victory. It is disconcerting that those 377 voters did not care to vote for the remaining posts or what contributions those candidates can bring to the city, particularly after having a deficient council for over a year.



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