• TSPLOST & MARTA: Big Money Eyed

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    January 27, 2016

    Below is the draft TSPLOST Formula Allocations.

    Johns Creek is projected to receive between $50,000,000 and $100,000,000, if this tax is approved by voters. TSPLOST_formula


    Depending on the distribution, Heavy Rail Train would be extended to Windward Parkway.  A "Premium Bus Service" in Johns Creek would be implemented for ~20 buses to service 3 routes Medlock Bridge Rd, State Bridge Rd & Holcomb Bridge Rd.




    Below is what the TSPLOST Ballot could look like.


    Complete "Confidential" Fulton TSPLOST Nov2015 Document

    Marta Document to Chairman Eaves explaining potential projects




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    Does this mean the tax payers of JC have an actual vote on this? I would think the majority of JC residents would be adamantly against this...

    Jerry Seneker

    I moved to Johns Creek to get away from MARTA
    & the crime that comes with it -/ guess I need to
    move again!


    These are proposals are elected officials are considering.


    I moved to Johns Creek because of the low crime rate in the area. Bringing Marta to this area will drag in scum and increase crime. It will also take away from Johns Creek curb appeal.


    The traffic is so horrific on 400 each morning, people may start moving out! This will help the environment as well as let people have better access to the city. There are strong police forces in our area and also Marta can provide better protections as well. I don’t think our home value will go down, if anything is may go up

    Martin Leckie

    I think the MARTA heavy rail extension on 400 is badly needed. Traffic on 400 is horrendous. Bus service is often more questionable. I think running additional bus service for north Fulton makes sense along heavily commercialized corridors. It would be helpful if queue jumpers can be installed to move the buses along the routes quicker.

    More people may be willing to ride the buses if they can get to their destination in a reasonable amount of time. There is a GRTA route that runs along 141 to Doraville MARTA station. I used to take that route a few years ago when I commuted to Buckhead. However, GRTA limited the schedule of the route so that anyone working a typical 8 hour work day couldn't ride it.

    If an express route traversed 141 with more schedule options, people might be more likely to ride it. Doesn't work for my current Norcross commute, though. Of course, it would also mean traveling through Gwinnett County, which hasn't passed a MARTA tax as of yet...


    MARTA does not bring crime. MARTA is in Sandy Springs and year after year crime goes down. The crime rate for MARTA is 4%. The crime rate for Johns Creek is 7%. Also without investing in MARTA the homeowners of Johns Creek risk seeing their property values go down. Studies show over and over again that Millennials - those who are currently in the early 20s to early 30s - who are the current generation of home buyers for family homes, want to live near transit. They do not want to spend 2 to 3 hours in the car that it now takes to get from Johns Creek to the jobs that are in-town. Already, according to Zillow, last year metro Atlanta homes went up 10% but Johns Creek homes only went up 5%. Johns Creek is currently struggling with traffic within the city limits and is spending 18% of the city's total budget road plans but continues to resist MARTA.
    More information like this can be found at https://www.facebook.com/JohnsCreekWantsMARTA/


    crime crime crime no no no thank you

    Vote for Endres

    Why would residents in the Johns Creek area want to pay more to MARTA when we have been paying MARTA taxes for nearly 30 years and do not even have BUS service? There are NO plans by MARTA to bring rail service to Johns Creek! Wake up, tax payers! Tell Beach and Hausman NO more taxes for MARTA!


    Please help stop Johns Creek from becoming another Sandy Springs or Dunwoody. Look at the crime, the school etc., over the past two decades. I can tell you they are not headed in the right direction. Stop Marta and stop high density housing. We don't want to be an extension on Atlanta. Most people move here to get AWAY from the issues in Atlanta. We don't need Marta's money. Don't be fooled by the skewed statistics saying that Marta dosent bring crime. Just google Marta incidents and you will get hundreds of incidents this year. We are lucky enough to live in one of the safest cities in Georgia and Marta will help change that. Make our voice heard! We cannot sit by and let them ruin this city!



    Misinformation and wrong conclusions do not help. Johns Creek home prices have risen less because they fell less during the last recession. They held their value.

    As to the amount of crime on MARTA and other communities, the statistics are skewed.

    One needs to adjust the crimes stats based on the number of hours per day a rider is on Marta property to get a fair and accurate account of crime stats per number of riders. A rider on mass transit two hours per day is not the same as a resident of Johns Creek that is there 24 hours per day, for instance.

    Let's be sure we compare apples to apples as best we can. Note the following comments:

    However, Marta is in a major city, and like any city, Atlanta has it's fair share of crime. Riders should try to travel in groups and use caution, especially when riding late at night. A good tip for riders is to ride in the first car, where you'll be near the train's driver if you have any concerns.


    Have not heard anyone have to make those sorts of comments about living within Johns Creek. Have you?



    Are you a resident or a taxpayer of the City of Johns Creek?

    Do you own the facebook page that you have linked?

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