• Newtown Amphitheater Woes to Increase?

    By Staff
    February 21, 2016

    Should the City use property for income?

    City Staff are recommending not only to continue the pilot program of renting out the Newtown Amphitheater, but to expand the pool of renters to non-residents.

    This is despite the aggravation of the additional noise and inconvenience to the neighboring subdivision of Chartwell.

    We wrote about Newtown troubles here.

    The City rented out Newtown Amphitheater once, and it was a challenge for the area, despite the fun. For the Freedom Mela festival, the renters claimed 2,000 people were expected, and more than 10,000+ attended. The Celebration extended their slotted time and then resulted in the Police shutting down the event. The entire Newtown area of the City was affected by parked cars (many illegally).

    Nonetheless, Assistant City Manager Kim Greer, recommends the City Council to continue the rental program and expand it for income. She is also recommending limiting the high impact rentals (of 500+ people) events to 1 per month. This is in addition to the City's robust schedule of concerts and events.

    What do you think?



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    Not acceptable. This is a residential area already overwhelmed by traffic.


    I am not in favor. This should be an asset for our community and not one that now impacts those living near or trying to enjoy our own park.


    I am strongly opposed to renting it out to non resident groups. And resident groups should be limited to 500 with a specific closing time plus a significant deposit for "unanticipated" additional costs to the city such as additional police protection and garbage pick up. Tax payers in neighborhoods such as Chartwell should be considered and respected.

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