• MonoPine Tower Proposed for Medlock Bridge Rd

    By Staff
    March 23, 2016
    Photo Simulation from zoning application

    Photo Simulation from zoning application

    A 110' Fake Pine Tree aka MonoPine Tower Proposed. It is a poorly disguised as a Cell Tower for an undeveloped hillside lot north Jet's Pizza on 141.

    Verizon is seeking approval from City Council for a "Special Use Permit" and Stream buffer Variance for this telecommunications facility.

    The application states that this new Facility is needed because the existing Verizon network does not provide the coverage or capacity needed for current data demand of residents and traveling Verizon customers.



    At City Hall:
    Neighborhood Info Meeting: April 14th
    Planning Commission: May 3rd
    City Council Hearing & Vote: May 23rd
    What do you think of MonoPine Tower Proposed?
    Do you think Verizon needs more coverage in the area?
    Source: City of Johns Creek


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    Quote "Do you think Verizon needs more coverage in the area?"
    Well not by their commercials. They already have the best coverage. This should be an AT&T or T-Mobile tower!

    I don't think they would be spending the $ if it were not needed, I don't think they woke up one morning and decided to figure out how to irritate JCCA or JCP.

    The additional capacity will be required to provide all of the capacity needed after the Michigan turn lanes are installed. All of that traffic previously stuck in another cell south on 141 will be zooooming by because they will not be at the light at 141 & SBR! What would be more irritating than clearing the intersection at the speed limit by making enough unreasonable turns to cause your GPS to commit suicide only to have your call dropped.

    I can't tell if the issue is a cell tower or one lonely pine tree "towering" (very much intended) over the landscape. Maybe a grouping of Pinus taeda or Loblolly Pine will help. I do miss the Loblolly from my NC days. The tower and a decoy of two other trees just to make it more natural. Because everything else along that stretch of road fits in so well the natural setting.


    Also within the application was a map indicating another cell tower "Planned Future 2018+ Future Site", behind St Benedict's Church.

    Tom Tracy

    Does the stream encroachment contribute to the silt that keeps flowing into Medlock Bridge Lake that the residents have to pay to cleanout every 5 years?? If so then we residents of Medlock Bridge need some money from these developers.

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