• A Closer Look: City Manager Department

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    April 24, 2016

    City Manager Department

    City Manager Department

    You don't have to look far to see the frustration with the City Manager Department by some City Council members and residents feel toward the inaccurate and incomplete information provided by the City Staff at times. Warren Hutmacher, City Manager is in charge of all administration and bears the responsibility of all City Staff.

    City Manager's Department Budget:

    •  Total budget $1,314,320
    • Personnel total budget $920,155

    Warren Hutmacher's Compensation Hovers Over Quarter Million per Year

    • Base Salary: $193K
    • 6-month salary upon termination
    • $16K car allowance
    • $7300 Bonus (possible)
    • Full medical, dental & vision insurance
    • Gym membership
    • Short term disability
    • Long term disability
    • Death & Dismemberment insurance
    • 5% 403B Match
    • 12% Deferred Comp Profit Sharing
    • The total 22% compensation benefits (17% City Pays) are tax-deferred and calculated off the base salary of $193K

    Average base Salary for City Manager in Georgia for a comparable population is $154k. Therefore the benefit & compensation package is above and beyond compared to other municipalities.

    Car Allowance

    With the $16k Car Allowance, that equates to $1569 a month.

    • He can lease 2015 Jaguar XF Portfolio 4dr Sedan for $1500/month
    • or 2015 Mercedes-Benz E-Class E400 4dr Sedan for $1600/month

    So How Does he spend his time?

    • Hire People

    Since he took the helm in 2014, he has hired at least a dozen new employees, including 3 Assistant City Managers. City Hall is bursting so much, City Council members offices have been eliminated to accommodate the new employees. City Council now has lockers at City Hall.

    • Poor Budgeting & Financial Forecasting.

    From Mathematical errors in the $54 million dollar budget to poor planning. Most recently did not include 10 yr anniversary branding expenses in the budget. He recently petitioned Council to approve $100k from reserves for additional non-essential expenses. He eventually found the money elsewhere, when directed by the Council.

    • Frequent Outsourcing and Costly Consultants & Contractors

    ROW mowing contract, studies after studies are churned out, from the District to Public Works & Planning, etc. Also has been a lack of communication on "Return of Investment", if the expenditure is worthwhile.

    What's on his Calendar from August 2015 - March 2016?

    • 1 Traffic Meeting
    • 6 Meetings with Developers
    • 8 Economic Development Meetings
    • Earliest office meeting was with Nazeera Dawood 7:30 am
    • 3 meetings with Ron Green (CCWR Owner)
    • 8 meetings regarding Cauley Creek/reuse water/sewer plant
    • 3 meetings regarding the "Canal" for the District
    • 29 'Lunch' Meetings: Various staff, networking, chamber, etc
    • 3 'Breakfast' Meetings/Events

    Average daily times of First Card Scan in City Hall

    • August 2015 - 11:30am
    • Sept 2015 - 10:30am
    • Oct 2015 - 12pm
    • Nov 2015 - 11am
    • Dec 2015 - 12:30pm
    • Jan 2016 - 12:30pm

    There is the possibility of someone opening the door for him. But 6 months of similar times is a bit odd. This 'door holding' is also frowned upon from a security standpoint. It is how you account for who is in the building.

    Source: City of Johns Creek

    About a Closer Look

    Finally, with the City on track to spending $90,000,000 this year, we will dive into each department and give you a Closer Look to how our tax dollars are being spent.



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    It is apparent that are good city is going in the same direction as our federal government. It is also apparent we need new leadership


    Warren, don't break a sweat working for our hard earned tax dollars!

    Lakisha Kaseem

    Hutmacher is the "mother of all welfare queens!"


    Good Review. Sounds like a part time job. Wonder what his clock out times are? Time for a new city council and a budget over all, Returning some of those tax dollars back to the taxpayers.




    Brookhaven recently fired their city manager. She was overpaid and had friday's off! Time to clean office in Johns Creek.

    Fed UP!

    1 traffic meeting!!

    No wonder we have so many issues and accidents. We need a new manager that will take this job seriously and address the congestion we suffer with daily.

    If he is coming in around noon everyday, he must be doing so to avoid all the traffic.


    How do I apply for a Job here, it seems to be out of touch with the real world. I can do that!

    Concerned JC Taxpayer

    The City seems to be a mess - this is just another example. Warren should be terminated.

    Another question is where is the Mayor on fixing the issues with Warren or terminating him. The Mayor takes credit for everything when things are good... why isn't he addressing this train wreck.

    Scott Smith

    Does he have some photos of City Hall executives in compromising positions to continue in his position as Johns Creek Post has outlined?

    JC Taxpayer

    Salaries and benefits are handled for government similarly as in the private sector. This is negotiated and there is a contract.

    Lauren Justis

    @JC Taxpayer- The folks who negotiate these type of contracts deserve time in prison. It is not just gross incompetence, but FRAUD... and the victims are the hardworking REAL taxpayers.(not... some phony govt. employee posing as a "Taxpayer")

    JC Taxpayer

    @Lauren Justis - I completely agree with you - just stating a fact of how these were derived versus "compromising positions photos".

    Lauren Justis

    @JC Taxpayer, @Scott Smith:

    "Compromising positions photos" and an early morning office meeting at 7.30 am with "salacious sleazeball" Nazeera Dawood...

    How does "welfare queen mother" Warren Hutmacher explain the nature of that "meeting?"


    We requested the emails. It was Nazeera's campaign manager, Craig Kidd that arranged the meeting. Warren had offered all the candidates the opportunity to meet. Craig Kidd was the only one to take up the offer according to the calendar.

    From the emails, it appears they discussed the HUD money the City receives and the projects it goes toward. Craig Kidd also requested several tapes of council meetings from the City clerk, per the discussions with Warren.

    Lauren Justis

    Eventhough "tyrant" Bodker "encouraged" it, why would "W.Q.M." Hutmacher help "deadbeat" Dawood and "rodent lover" Kidd in securing council meeting tapes that exclusively showed either Mark or Setephanie Endres addressing the council? If not criminal, it still is highly unethical and downright dirty for a "city manager" to provide "opposition research" on one candidate to her "shady" opponent.


    Please..... You were voted in to do a job...efficiently!!!! Do you not know that the people are sick and tired of paying for all the luxury perks of the elected. Keep this up and there will have to be a change.


    Your US Congressional official earns $174k per year.

    Some other salaries:

    Senate Leadership

    Majority Party Leader - $193,400
    Minority Party Leader - $193,400

    House Leadership

    Speaker of the House - $223,500
    Majority Leader - $193,400
    Minority Leader - $193,400


    What's wrong with this picture?

    JC Citizen

    The sooner we all accept that OUR money is no object to them, the less frustrated we will be. I mean, really, can you put a price tag on something as magnificent and necessary as the District?


    Warren is overpaid and not performing his job. Does the city have a performance review process? In the private sector this person would be first been paid competively and based on performance would be on the way to being replaced.
    Concerned JC Citizen


    This article contains a significant amount of false and misleading information. You should check your biased "facts" and city procedures before writing such a libelous article. I am not sure why you would target our city manager who has an excellent record and is a hard working, responsible and very qualified professional. Seems like your goal is to distract our leaders from doing their jobs. Shame on you and others with their negative comments. I am sad we are neighbors. I stay on this newsletter list to see what the conversation is about our city, but each time I receive it contains a personal attack on an appointed or elected official. You are not a whistleblower...you spread false and misleading information about credible people and professionals working long hours to continue to improve this city. We need to work together.


    Do you even attend council meetings? My guess is not, so please check out the public comments from last night.

    Citizens are pointing out, basic mathematical errors in the council packet.

    If our City can't even add up accidents on Barnwell rd correctly, that leaves little to wonder about our tax dollars, and how they are spent and accounted for.


    The data presented to the public is definitely skewed.
    I also read the article from Johns Creek Herald (http://www.northfulton.com/johnscreekherald/stories/Barnwell-improvements-back-to-square-one-almost,90840) -- or was it an opinion piece?

    "In recent years it has been the scene of 154 accidents"
    -- 40 involved animals (which should have been separated)
    -- 34 accidents were at the intersection of Barnwell and Holcomb Bridge (which should have been separated)

    “Cars are routinely clocked at 70 mph and sometimes reach 100 mph. But the police cannot post traffic enforcement on the road every day.”
    -- seriously, is that true? Cars are ROUTINELY clocked at 70 mph+ and 100 mph?
    ^^ the statement above is an opinion or is it true.
    If true, what does routinely mean? Because the Barnwell Road is not a straight stretch of road.

    Here are my questions:

    What is the accident information for Sargent Road and their roundabouts? Before and after the Roundabouts were put in. What is the traffic flow -- is there a study available for the Roundabouts and their effectiveness, if any?

    Other than Mr. Gray living in the Barnwell area who else lives off of Barnwell that is on the Board, from our Public Works, and/or on the planning committee?

    Who has a true interest on the traffic not a monetary interest?


    Fulton County Commissioner Liz Hausmann lives off Niblick and Barnwell Rds, and discussed this intersection in her extended 10-11 minutes public comments(something the rest of us would never get) in December 2015..


    I believe you forgot the conversation about Cauley Creek during that conversation, which seemed very bizarre given the nature of what Johns Creek was doing at the time and the comments being stated by the Fulton County Commissioner.


    And citizens are getting tired of half-assed efforts from folks that make astronomical salaries, and who after a few years will hop to another city, and start anew.

    Meanwhile, we will be left holding the bag on all of those Oops Errors from the "best staff workers around" to paraphrase a certain elected government official.

    At what point do we get the "exceptional" work we have been paying for?

    Lori Gurinsky Owens

    This is completely inaccurate information!


    All of the information is public record. You too can request it, here is the link:


    This is ridiculous! How dare you attack someone like this. Warren is an incredibly hard working, capable, and honest man. He deserves every penny for the work he does. Get a life.


    And you know this how, Jessica?

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