• Code Enforcement: Where are they?

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    May 16, 2016

    Code Enforcement -

    Public Hearing: Monday, May 23, 2016, 7 PM City Hall

    An amendment is proposed to address specific noise nuisances in the City of Johns Creek including, but not limited to, music and amplified sound, landscaping, and yard maintenance equipment, construction activity, domesticated animals and trash collection.


    For more than 2 years, 37 Main has been beyond a nuisance for the nearby neighbors. Forcing children to sleep in the basement, parents to routinely call the police, and numerous nuisance violations were written.

    So where is Code Enforcement?


    Changeable Sign - Not Allowed in JC

    There are many other violations that go unaddressed such the dilapidated house on Abbotts Bridge Rd, abandon houses on 141 and numerous sign ordinance violations throughout the City.

    According to the first amendment of the Ch2M Hill contract, regarding Code Enforcement:

    Section 2.4.4 At the direction of the City Manager, provide code enforcement during times of increased activity, after regular working hours or on the weekend to provide coverage for citizen complaints and/or time sensitive inspections.

    • The call center is manned 24 hrs a day and can administer urgent requests such as public works and code enforcement.
    • Up to eight hours weekend/off-peak coverage for code enforcement per week.
    • 12 emergency inspections per year
    • Although we are paying for FTE employees, there is a limit of 1000 code violations to be investigated per year.

    So where is Code Enforcement for the Residents of Medlock Bridge Subdivision?

    Readers, would you be bothered by thumping bass at all hours of the night, every weekend?



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    Fed up in Medlock Br

    Very lousy on the part of the City manager. He should have stopped this a long time ago. We can't take it anymore.


    I've been told by someone at Code Enforcement that complaints about noise (leaf blowers at 5:00 AM, yes that's correct!) have to be called into 911. In my case the problem has been going on for years without a solution.


    Does anyone know if sound ordinances apply to private country clubs? I live in St Ives and was woken up at 6:20 SUNDAY morning by mowers/blowers where they were prepping the course for the day.


    Yes the noise/nuisance ordinance would apply to St Ives and the entire City.
    It is important you share your concerns with Council, by either speaking at the Public Hearing, during the residents comments.
    You can also email them
    [email protected]


    I have been trying to look on line as to what the noise ordinance actually specifies concerning loud mower/blower equipment more specifically what if any regulation exists to determine what time landscapers are allowed to start mechanical equipment in the mornings. Does anyone know where to find that or who to speak with?


    This should all be determined in the new ordinance.

    Concerned JC Resident

    I came across a petition on the 37 Main facebook page encouraging patrons to sign to oppose the noise ordinance being evaluated by the Johns Creek City Council.

    It is this self centered position that has driven the wedge between the neighbors and the business.

    This petition is attempting to persuade public opinion via a mob to override the rights of the individual property owner.

    I don't care how loud a business is as long as it is contained on their property.

    When it leaves the property and disturbs others, that is when the health and welfare is disrupted.

    Really disappointing to see these community organizer in chief tactics employed in Johns Creek...


    The residents have worked within the system to get this issue resolved. From calling the police, code enforcement, working with 37 Main, and even going to court.

    Should not the City of Johns Creek be the advocate for these residents and be doing all it can to resolve this issue (in a timely manner has long ago expired)?

    Were the Mayor or a City Council Member being affected each and every weekend, would this have already been addressed?

    Come on Johns Creek! Do the right thing!


    Tell me about fireworks? Is that not a sound issue? Is 37 main the greatest place ever? No! Not at all, but there is no other place up here that compares. I've gone to shows and it never seemed over-loud. I'm not saying the neighbors can't here it, but is it really that big of an annoyance? Why waste such a great venue/biz because some folks want complete silence. I live close to the venue and I hear more traffic noise from my home than I've ever heard Skid Row jamming out.

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